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Average Salary of a Financial Advisor

  What Is a Financial Advisor? A financial advisor is a professional who is engaged in the business of informing and educating clients about wealth, investment and other sorts of money matters—and sometimes managing these financial affairs as well. It’s an umbrella term that includes stockbrokers, financial planners, investment advisors, tax preparers, bankers, insurance agents, and estate planners. According to the salary information website PayScale, in Jan. 2021 the average salary for a financial advisor in the United States is $59,708, with most salaries ranging from $38,000 to $109,000. In addition to salaries, financial advisors also receive compensation in the form of bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions. 1 The average annual bonus received by a financial advisor ranges from $2,000 to $31,000. The average annual profit-sharing compensation ranges from $995 to $18,000. The average annual commission compensation ranges from $4,000 to $182,000. The average total pay for financi

The 5 Best Tax Preparation Services of 2022

Most households with an income are required to file taxes every year, which is why it’s important to have a plan to put your tax return together by the due date every April. While many Americans choose to do their own taxes using tax preparation software (or manually), the easiest way to do your taxes is to having someone else take care of the math and paperwork for you. This is the benefit of using tax preparation services. Tax preparation services are often more expensive than do-it-yourself options, but if you have very complex taxes, going to a tax prep expert could be a good decision. We reviewed 11 tax prep companies to determine the five best tax preparation services based on reputation, pricing, available services, and more. The 5 Best Tax Preparation Services of 2022 Best Overall:  H&R Block Best for Ease of Use:  Jackson Hewitt Best Online Experience:  TurboTax Live Best for Self-Employed:  EY TaxChat Best for Small to Mid-Size Businesses:  KPMG Spark

Best Car Insurance Companies 2022

  Our editors independently research and recommend the best products and services. You can learn more about our independent review process  and partners in our  advertiser disclosure . We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Why should you carry auto insurance? Well, for one thing, it’s mandated in just about every state in the union, and the two that currently don’t require insurance, New Hampshire and Virginia, deem you responsible for covering any bodily injury or property damage caused by a car you own. Like many other types of insurance, even if it wasn’t required by law, the peace of mind that car insurance coverage provides spans from sea to shining sea. However, not all car insurance policies are the same, and each car insurance company offers something unique to its customers. When comparing providers, it’s important to look at the entire picture, including customer service, coverage options, discount offerings, and even the digital experience the c