Is gramfree legit or scam? See the talk truth about gramfree

Is gramfree legit or scam? See the talk truth about gramfree


GramFree is a website that rewards users with 'grams' for a myriad of activities, such as inviting new participants to the website, engaging in any daily lottery, signing smart contracts, depositing money or even for simply watching videos. For short, there is, more or less, no limit to the things you do that can earn you these grams. It thus becomes pertinent to ask what grams are. Grams are a sort of in-game currency which accrue to users, as rewards for performing certain tasks on these websites, mostly known as 'get paid to' sites or GPT for short. 

Essentially, GramFree is also a GPT site which like many other similar sites generates money from selling Grams and also through ad revenue. It should have begun to down on you by now, as it ought to, that Grams can infact be converted into conventional money via some sort of agreed rating. If that is your thought, I bet you are right, atleast upto a certain extent. 

The instant you register with GramFree.World, for example, your home screen will further regale you on the multiple means via which you can earn Grams, as reward for these activities. Let us give a closer look at some of these means of earning Grams.

Smart Contracts.

You have the option of signing these GramFree contracts on daily basis, and should you choose to take such a contract, you are promptly alloted a timer that counts down. Once the timer runs out, you must sign the contract again, just like you did when you accepted the contract at the beginning. In order to earn Grams and eventually any money from these smart contracts, each contract must be signed a specific number of times. This brings us to the number of smart contracts there are. Smart contracts are basically classified into two: (a). The standard contract, which is worth 0.05 Grams and (b). The risky contract( which is worth 1.0 Grams). 

The risky contract enables you to earn more, strictly speaking, but you can also lose more through them, if you flaunt the laws binding the contractual agreement and hence the name. This is because, if you fail to sign the contract after the timer runs down to the end, you risk losing a mammoth 2 Grams, consequent upon this failure. Smart contracts exist basically to make you feel invested in the Gram Free.World scheme and also to enable you earn money as well. Note that you need to withdraw your funds for the grams or Hydra that you have earned to get any value and this unavoidably brings us to the GramFree Lottery.

The GramFree Lottery.

This lottery is available for entry once in every seven to twenty four hours, depending on your individual status, which may inadvertently change that. If you win this lottery, you stand to get from 1 to a whooping 5,000 Grams. However, even though you can win the lottery, but what is usually won in reality, is more or less insignificant.

Videos and referrals.

It is known that GramFree rewards users for watching whatever videos entertain them, especially on the website, which are predominantly provided by other users, in order to try and invite more people to the website. These videos are mostly on GramFree, that are either a feeble attempt at brainwashing people to join the website or at best, an appeal to give the ruse some credibility. Most of these videos will earn for you about 0.1 Grams per view or 5.0 Grams for each submitted video. There is also a reward for inviting new members to the website. Though referral rewards change with time, you usually earn below 10 Grams for every referral, though the referrals hardly fetch anything unless the referred person or persons reach level 2.
Though we are told that Grams can exchange for real money, but that is hardly true either. 

However, it is mostly projected that 1 Gram exchanges for about 1.78 United States Dollars, but whatever you earn in Grams on GramFree is worth nothing, atleast not until you actually cashout. To enable you cash real money from your Grams, you must have accrued atleast upto 500 Grams, which if you do the maths from the rates we have given above, translates to about 280 USD on GramFree, which is exceedingly difficult to make realistically speaking. To make such money or generate upto 500 Grams, will involve you to engage in activities like signing smart contracts, recruiting other people, watching videos and entering the daily lottery as well.

 It is known that many GramFree fans have made sprited attempts to make money online through unhealthy means by promising new recruits the prospects of the website making them rich and which of course is untrue. 

Similarly, GPT sites give out rewards to fans who publicize good things about them online and that should sound a warning bell, whenever you read about such bogus claims in GramFree reviews, espepecially since those giving out such made up information only aim to make money off you clandestinely. Even though GramFree promises appealing prospects of making easy money, it is extremely difficult, if not downright impossible to makey any money from all such websites, so, be warned. In fact, all these has made many wary of GramFree. Every endeavour or tasks on GramFree is schemed to trick you into buying Grams; again, be warned and wary of scammers. It is thus pertinent to ask whether GramFree is a scam. Below is an objective analyses of this issue

Is GramFree a scam?

From all intents and purposes, one can say, with near total certainty, that it is. Particularly when you consider the fact that the website promises people the possibility of making money which they actually never intend to provide. This deceitful scheme is carried out via false and trump up advertisements, which are at best falsehoods to deceive you into buying Grams and further entrench this scam by making you to bring others into the foray. Afterall, what is a scam? Let us define the term and see whether we really have an index by which we can substantiate our assertions. 

A scam is any action or activity which makes profit off others through lies, fraud or outright exploitation. From the beginning, you would be lied to about what you are signing up for, by promising you multiple prospects of making money, which is, sorry to say, very unrealistic. At best, you will make a few imaginary dollars, after spending hours of your time and enermous data; money you will eventually never see at all. Isn't it obvious to you that you can only withdraw any money made after generating 500 Grams! This is regardless of how difficult it is for you to make 500 Grams judging from the criteria for generating them. What really makes this enterprise popular has nothing to do with any success in their business but rather their recruitment strategies; you have the chance of making enermous Grams if you successfully bring in others and also for every positive advertisement you post! This is enough red flag already, right? I guess as much and so should you too. 

By recruiting more and more people, you are basically multiplying the amount of money and data GramFree has in its kitty, while they leave you holding the bag! With this insanely crafted scheme, that keeps making waves, regardless of everything, it is most expedient to ask, 'Who in hell owns GramFree?' This apparently innocent question lays bare an obvious fact; the ownership of GramFree is anonymous to this very moment! What is more, there is no known management team either! 'What the heck is going on, dear?' A few obscure and equally curious facts are known though. For example, the website was first registered in Panama through one agent: NameCheap LLC on 27 March, 2020. 

Furthermore, the IP address that hosted them is not the address of the owner either and a further quick search revealed that the IP address is also held by the same NameCheap LLC too. This bogey IP address also hosts other hundreds of websites too! To further worsen issues, there is no sign of whoever owns this 'company' on Linkedin, which inadvertently means that nobody wants to own up to creating the site. Countless Snapping Point readers have enquired as to whether Telegram actually created GramFree. Well, they maybe correct to ask, but, be it known that, though this website uses Telegram Open Network(TON), it is not affiliated to Telegram. TON is an open and public forum and as such, anybody can create a platform using TON and Grams.

How does this Gram website make money?

GramFree presents itself as a charitable outfit through lovely graphics, obscure language and attractive designs. However, all these do not make a legal entity, do they? While you may not be making any money from or through them, they are however making a lot through you! How? You may ask. Let's look at it this way; they sell Grams to unsuspecting users at a minimum of 1, 000 dollars per user, they charge a withdrawal fee when you withdraw Grams and also generate a lot through ads and visits to their websites, just to mention, but a few ways. Now you are beginning to have an idea of how they are living off you, aren't you? To sum it up, Gram is indeed a scam, however you look at it. The criteria and features of a scam indeed fits them like a second skin and so, be warned. 


Money making and indeed the irresistable urge to make money, at all cost, has all but made nonesense of virtually all human attributes and what actually make us humane, which also basically differentiates us from wild animals. So long as money is likely to be made, we do not care how we are seen, who is offended, what may happen to those we crush in the process; our whole existence will become obsessed with the money we stand to gain, if we are luckly to succeed in whatever it is. Relationships are torn to shreds, brothers and sisters have become intractable enemies, children sell off their parents, lives are unwittingly and undeservedly wasted, trusts are being betrayed, without shame and lots more evil are being perpetrated in our blind lust for money! Well, for the purpose of discussion, shouldn't we analyse what really are the benefits of money? Maybe, that way, we can either justify or refute this obsession and euphoria about money. 

Come to think of it, regardless of your success in money making, it won't stop you from dropping dead one day, just like the poorest of the poor. Wherever you live, the house you live in, whether as the owner or in whatever capacity, is built on the graves of many of others who had once existed like we are doing now. Your farm is fertilized by the body nutrients of countless others who had once lived like you are, who had once gotten a family, who had once made plans, who had once being kings and queens, who had once loved and hated others, who had once laughed and rejoiced, just like you are doing right now! 

However, in the end, their bodies which they once nurtured and cherished, now serve your farm as fertilizer or on which lies the foundation of your house, and so shall your body fertilize somebody else's farm someday. This was written from the beginning and, regardless of what you think or do, it must come to pass. If you mull over all these, it becomes easy to agree that, though money is exceedingly good and it makes the life worth living, but there is no basis for going the length we are going. One day, but one day, all shall be accommodated in the Earth, six feet beneath it, for that is written and ain't no one gonna do nothing about it. In conclusion, we should be wary of bogus online claims of promises for easy money. If you don't fall prey to this, no one can live off you through any scam, in whatever guise. Mull over what you have read here and you will be glad you did. 

Thank you.

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