Starting a business can be very hard, most especially when you don't have a lay down plans, in this article I will show you 20 business tips to consider before starting a business. 
 The reason why most business fail is because they don't have a clear picture 
or plan about their business. Before starting any business you should have this plan in mind:
   What you are going to sell, how you are going to say it and who you will sell it to.
   i. What you're going to sell: most business today drive into the selling business without knowing what they are going to sell. Fair enough they want to say just about anything they see. You should have a stated list about what you are going to sell, and what you are not going to sell. In that way you know what you want to sell, and what channel most of your energy in selling those things do you want to sell. Whether they are physical products or services.

2. DO YOUR MARKET RESEARCH: where most business fail is when it comes to market research, a lot of big companies still do market research even when they are selling material.
 By doing your market research you know your specific industry, you know the specific group of persons to sell to, whether they are adults, children or teenagers.

3. UNDERSTAND YOUR INDUSTRY: by understanding your industry you are about to go in, you know what short or long-term changes encounter and how you can take advantages of them.

To understand your industry you have to look up seek advice from people within the same industry, or seek research about the industry you are going into.

4. UNDERSTAND FOOD TO MARKET YOUR PRODUCT TO: marketing is a very important tip for any business weather startup or old businesses, because it's how you handle marketing your products or services that determines whether you are running at loss or in profit.
 The mistake most business tool is marketing to the wrong audience, by doing your research you know who to market to and and where to market your product or services.

5. UNDERSTAND YOUR LEGAL ENVIRONMENT: depending on some places to establish some setting businesses you have to seek permits from the government. Always check if it is essential to do so to avoid any criminal offence that might hinder your business.
 Also it is best to register your business name and copyright except your business to be on a safe and side.

6. KNOW YOUR BUSINESS NAME: Every business have a business name that distinguish them from others. Decide on your business name, avoid usernames already registered by the trademark. 
 Always find a unique business name and don't use names that do not tell more of your brand.

7. UNDERSTAND YOUR FINANCIAL DATA: when it comes to starting a business money is involved. To start a successful business you have to understand which parts needs money the most in terms of making marketing decisions related to starting business cost, marketing cost, rent cost, labour costs, and projected sales.

8. KNOW YOUR CASH FLOW: when it comes to business money goes in and out. Where is money goes to and comes from you should understand it full stop if the money is coming from bank loans or from personal pocket you should know where you are channelling this money to in your business. By doing this you're not only keeping track of your money but also controlling your money which can help to make profit.

9. KNOW YOUR BUYERS EDGE: when it comes to business, fast sales, and Gain customers you need to know their edge, what kind of quality do you want and what they expect from you.

10. KNOWING YOUR COMPETITORS EDGE: this can help you in terms of setting prices and knowing what kind of marketing they undergo can benefit you and help to give you a strong stand.

11. UNDERSTAND YOUR FUNDING: When it comes to business start up you should know how much fund to run your business too a specific time. To avoid unnecessary waste of funds.

12. HAVE AN IDEA: idea is what make business run, and set your business up from competitors, seek idea from your friends, family and yourself. Take time to analyse it and make impact to them on your business. Separate the bad idea from the good ones, and executives it. All idea maybe good but poor execution can be worst. You can start with a simple idea but execute it with strong motive.

13. EXECUTION MATTERS: you see one thing business people free to focus on is execution, when you put time and money towards execution an idea you will have more competitive edge towards a business said that does not.
 Take an instant Facebook was not the first social media, you just have to execute it better than your competitors.

14. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS THAN YOU DO: this is something to consider at your early stage of business especially when the business have multiple founders. The founders that have to see the business as much as you see the business.
 For instance your best friends and you might tomato farming business but for you to realise that only one of you take the business more serious.

15. YOU DON'T NEED MONEY TO START UP A BUSINESS: Money is one of those things that stop people from starting a proceeding with a business plan. Thinking that you need money to start a business only mean that you are looking at the business at the final stage. A part where you have workers teams marketing employees and properties that's not her business are started. You are the business you have to struggle hard to level up. In the beginning you have a lot of time and your time is the money.

16. BE READY TO MAKE SACRIFICES: most things start up don't understand is that they need to make sacrifices to move their business forward weather is sacrificing the time you spent on partying, socializing visiting friends or doing one hubby that you love you have to sacrifice them for your business.
 Remember to start up a business you have to make sacrifices weather from working from eight hours a day to 16 hours a day even in weekdays your business needs to be your priority number one to succeed.

17. FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTHS: when you are starting out you are your first employee, you have to know your strength and organise it. When you optimise your strength you know who to employ. The treat you can use as your advantage to your business is recognised as your strength identify them and put them into work.

18. HAVE THE RIGHT MENTORS: when you have the right mentors that knows the level you are at, it what more than 10 years of struggle. You need people that inspire you and I've done what you are doing and one of them might become your mentor if you have work hard. One of the mistake young people do today or Young business owners is having metors at an early stage. 
 You have to struggle hard no metal want to guide you for my early stage you have to help yourself first before people could help you. 

19. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUT TO ANY BUSINESS WORTH DOING: don't try to cheat the business game, don't spend most of your time trying to look for sport Court as this might lead to a loophole. River road confirm laying a solid business foundation. You will find this on Instagram there are millions of business account with millions of followers but little to no engagement. Trying to cheat the game you will end up cheating yourself.

20. SALES SAVE ALL YOUR PROBLEM: what keeps the lightbulb in a business is sales without sales your penis will not light up. If you need better accountant marketing get more sales!

Bonus: a business without an endgame is heading nowhere what is your main objectives do you want to sell the business after some time or do you want to continue with the business answering these questions at an early stage will not only bring you success but also help you to envolve quickly.

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