6 Best SEO Optimization Tips To Rank High On Search Engines

6 Best SEO Optimization Tips To Rank High On Search Engines


Are you looking for The Best SEO Optimization Tips To Rank High On Search Engines, or do you own Blog and don,t know how to start on SEO ?, If yes, you are at the right place, as I will be guiding you through with some simple steps.

 Firstly, the Abbreviation "SEO" stands for "Search Engine Optimization", which has to do with modifying your website in a way that it follows the rules of Search Engine, Thereby making your website or pages more visible to researchers/readers who are entering keyword which is associated or similar to your service through the Search Engine.

 Moreover, there are certain procedures you need to consider for your chance of appearing on Google or other Search Engines, However, i have listed The Best SEO Optimization Tips To Rank High Below;

1. Enhance The Loading Speed Of  Your Pages.
2. Build A High-Quality Content And Split Up your content Into Header Tags.
3. Your Content Should Not Be Written Words Only.
4. Sign Up For Query And Answer Sites.
5. Consistently Publishing Of Unique Contents.
6. Building Backlinks.

 Let's Get there;

1. Enhance The Loading Speed Of Your Site:
  The time your pages takes to load is very important for one or two reasons. However, If the loading speed of your page is too low or slow, Google will find it hard to recognize it, and thereby harming the ranking of your page or site.
 NOTE: Slow website or pages will always impact on the way your website visitors engage with your pages.

 Moreover, Research tells it that 40% of site visitors will always look down or abandon website/pages that take more than 3 seconds to load. The most shocking part of it is that 70-80% of those visitors do not return to that website, which also impacts badly on your traffic and SEO/Ranking.
 On the other hand, if your page loads fast, Viewers/visitors will keep coming back for more Info/Updates. Remember that Google Algorithm will acknowledge your/website notability or popularity and modify your Search Raking/SEO accordingly.

 Are you looking for a way to check the loading speed of your pages?. O yes, it is free, Click HERE TO TEST YOURS.

2. Build A High Quality Content:
  When it comes to site Ranking/SEO, High-Quality Content is very very important and mandatory.
 Here, Your contents need to be of high quality, relevant and Up-To-Date and recent.

 NOTE: Another  thing that is very fundamental when it comes to SEO Optimization is what is called "Dwell Time", which has to do with the time people/visitors spend on your site each time they visit.

 Moreover, If your website has new, electrifying or reliable information; this will keep visitors or readers on your page or site for a longer time, thereby increasing and improving your Dwell Time.

 However, Now you have learnt that providing high Quality Content will typically trigger your Dwell time ; thereby impacting positively on your SEO/Ranking.

2i. Split Up Your Content Into Header Tags:
    Another Important way to improve your user/readers experience is to write with Headings.
  Here, Headings helps to split up your content and making it easier for your readers to read or skim through.

 However, Headers makes your content more attractive and valuable. But if your website is only a room of text, it will therefore demoralize or discourage people from spending much time on your site, and this will hurt your SEO/Ranking.

3. Your Content Should Not Only Be Written Word Only:
  Contents on your site Should not only be written words, but it should be backed up with pictures and videos too, as this will also improve your SEO too. Consider adding more other element such as slide shows, audio, and videos to your website.

 However, All this will impact positively in the improvement of user experience or interaction and moreover, watching a video is more easier than reading. This elements will also increase your dwell time.
 If your video is long enough, it will also increase the time people or visitors spend on your page thereby increasing your SEO/Ranking.

4. Sign Up For Query And Answer Sites:
   Joining Query And Answer will always expose you to lots of people who are in need of knowledge in a way or another. There, you can give valuable and well organised answer to their question and then apply your URL there. If your answer is well organised and very answerable to their question, they will likely click on your link, this will likely expose you to a whole lot of readers, thereby generating much traffic to your site and also helping you to rank on Search Engines.

5. Consistently Publishing of Unique And Valuable Contents:
   Consistent publishing of Unique Content s one of the best SEO Tips, as Search Engines do rank sites which has a lot of Unique Content In them.
  The more content you publish, the more likely your content get ranked by Search Engine thereby increasing your ranking standard.

 NOTE: If your content are very valuable, your readers will also want to read to the end, and by this, it also increase your Dwell Time.

6.  Building Backlinks:
 First, Backlink is simply an incoming hyperlink from a web page to another website.   
Building of Backlinks is the most important tips when it comes to SEO for Beginners, if you are new to SEO you will need to start writing a guest post or asking other well known or popular blog/site to build a sponsor post and by this your website will be more exposed and at the same time boosting your SEO/Ranking.

 NOTE: the more backlinks or hyperlink you get the more likely you rank high on Search.

 To increase your SEO/Ranking you need to put the Tips Above into work and then will see the changes in your Ranking. Thanks For Reading My Latest Update, Don't Forget to Share and Comment, Shalom!!!.

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