How Start A Bog- Full tutorials (Blogger)

How Start A Bog- Full tutorials (Blogger)


To own a blog is quite easy ,if you set your mind to it.Blog is simply about imformation and discussion and most of the blogs function as jornal/newspapers.

I will be teaching on the way to start your own blog successfully!.

Let get started!!!!!!


There are alternative ways to line up a blog. The documents are WordPress and blogger from google.

We will be using a blogger from google.

Step 1

Open a Google account and login.

Anyone opening a blog website must surely have a running mail account.

Step 2

Sign on to , on the left side of the panel, click the down arrow.

 Step 3 

Click on New Blog

Step 4

Input a reputation suitable for your blog, please believe the name you'd wish to give your blog

Step 5 

Chose an URL, as an example :,,

If your having difficulties with this tips, be happy to contact me with the contact form. i will be glad to assist you out.

Let proceed.......

Step 6

Chose a topic for your website which has already been designed for you, referred to as GUI (graphic user interface) on blogger, you're only allowed to use the theme that has already been created for you but , you'll customize it by changing the color , text , etc. you'll also attend layout and arrange the way you would like your blog to seem like ; the sink menu , search button, about , privacy policy.

Step 7

Click on the CREATE BLOG button.

Note : if you select a reputation that has already been taken , blogger will allow you to know and you'll choose something else. Before creating that , confirm you think that of what name to use.

Bam!!! A blog has been created. Easy right??

Also Note: after inputting your blog's name, Google will automatically input. And it'll become ", you'll always buy your name from Google , it's better. It's around $15 - $20 so it'll become ""

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