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How to Stop Making Excuses


the way to Actually Stop Making Excuses   “I don’t skills.” “It probably wouldn’t have worked anyways.” “I’m too busy.” How often does one catch yourself making excuses. rather than doing something, you come up with ways to elucidate your inaction. Excuse-makers are usually seen as weak, lazy or cowardly. i think this is often an unfair generalization. We all make excuses once during a while. Sometimes we make excuses and other times we stop rationalizing and take action. I’m sure most folks can remember times once we procrastinated and wasted days before starting a project. I’m also sure most folks can remember times we started immediately, and finished before schedule. 

The differences between these two cases might be described as a difference of willpower. once you procrastinated, you lacked willpower. But that isn’t helpful. If willpower is outside your direct control, then claiming willpower as an answer isn’t getting to work. Instead, i think that the solution to prevent making excuses lies in these two steps: * Organizing your priorities. * Breaking large, uncomfortable steps into manageable pieces. Organizing Your Priorities What’s more important to you right now? Expanding your finances? Succeeding academically? Improving the standard of your relationships? Excuse making is that the results of conflicting priorities. once you don’t have a system for creating decisions, the tendency is to only accompany whatever feels best within the moment. you'll clear this up by defining what your priorities are. the aim is to assist when one event conflicts with another. If you've got to make a decision between performing on a faculty project or happening a date, you would like to seem at your priorities. Which ranks higher? 

Relationships or academic success. Priorities clears up the necessity for excuse making, since it simplifies decisions with conflicting values. With priorities it’s important to define your major focus and minor focuses. a serious focus should get the advantage of any extra attention you've got to devote thereto. Minor focuses shouldn’t be abandoned, but your goal is to place them on autopilot so most your mental energies are dedicated to your major focus. for instance, my major focus immediately is that this business. Earlier this year i noticed that if I put a concentrated effort, I could tip the slide to where this business could support me full-time. I’m on the brink of there now, but almost over the road. My minor focuses are my health, relationships, social life, Toastmasters and faculty. These minor focuses still be worked on while I improve my income. But most my mental attention goes into ways I can expand this website and offer more value. Splitting your priorities into one major focus and a number of other minor focuses makes it far harder to place out excuses. Whenever a conflict arises where i might normally offer an excuse, I can simply consider my priorities. When priorities are clear, it's difficult to justify departing from them.   Breaking Down Discomfort Mixed-up priorities are only a neighborhood of excuse-making. Unwillingness to step into uncomfortable situations is another.

 Success in almost any effort requires taking risks and facing failure. Becoming an excellent orator requires you rise up ahead of an enormous audience and possibly deliver a terrible speech. the matter is when your priorities dictate you would like to require an enormous step, and you can’t roll in the hay. this might mean eager to improve your business, but not being willing to form cold calls or marketing your product. What results is excuse-making. you discover easier tasks to try to to and excuse your procrastination. rationalise away the sensation that you simply don’t feel comfortable going forward. The fix here is to interrupt down uncomfortable steps. Laziness is simply another manifestation of fear. So if you can’t take subsequent step, break it into smaller parts you'll handle. If you can’t rise up on stage to talk, try delivering your speech ahead of a couple of friends. If you can’t make a chilly call, try calling someone you already know. Sometimes, however, a step can’t be weakened. You either got to face it entirely or not in the least. In these situations you would like to urge leverage on yourself. provides a friend $100 of yours to carry onto until you follow through. Make a public commitment. Any of those steps will work. subsequent time you catch yourself making an excuse, ask yourself? Does this fit within my priorities? If it doesn’t and you continue to end up making excuses ask yourself if there's any way you'll push yourself through subsequent step.       


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