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This is both an online and also offline e-commerce otlutfit with modern and highly innovative business ideas jointly co-founded by Sean Costan, who boasts of many years experience in network marketing and several other business experts in the administrative team, whose primary function is to strategize constantly and critically  on ways of building and sustaining the momentum, promotion and sustainability of the organization. The company has planned more than ten years of strategic patterns that will enable it to stand out distinctively as one of the most successful network and e-commerce companies worldwide. Stakexchain is at the moment, one of the fastest developing online outfits  in the whole world with respect to anything e-commerce.


The goals and objectives of Stakexchain.


Stakexchain has the singular goal of changing the playing field with regard to e-commerce to that in which the customers can be effectively rewarded financially, whenever they procure any product, which they believe will no doubt benefit both the company, as well as earn customer loyalty and respect. In tandem with this marvelous resolution, the company has designed a perfect payment plan that can easily last for more than a decade of business dealings and also regular checks and balances, just  to ensure that its current payment system does not antagonize its goals in both long term and sustainability.


How does Stakexchain work?


The Stakexchain system offers you the opportunity to enable you generate wallet points via its network marketing and stake share profit  procedures. The shop wallet is utilized in buying products from the e-store platform. For example, let us imagine you bought a certain product worth ten dollars from its e-commerce store, this will automatically enable you to be put on the Stakexchain 3 by 9 Matrix through which you can earn a share commission  from purchases of other customers. So, if you are Mr Dan and others Mr Earn, Mr Fan and Mr Gan all made purchases at the same shop after you of the same ten dollars, and were placed under your Matrix automatically, you are qualified to earn ten percent of the volumes of shopping from all  three of them combined, which will translate to three dollars. If afterwards nine other persons shop on the same ten dollar package and are placed under you also, you will earn fifteen percent of their shopping value  which translates to  thirteen dollars and fifty cents. It means that all in all, you will earn sixteen dollars and fifty cents. In order to maintain and prolong the system, the company maintains  a fraction of that profit and pays the remaining to you, but in bits also, for a period not exceeding thirty days, which is dependent on your initial shopping value, classified as either basic, classic or pro member. After the company might have deducted its own profit,  you will be left with close to twelve dollars and forty cents or twelve dollars and ninety cents. But in order to make certain of the survival of the process, just like you benefitted by gaining share profits from the purchases of other customers, so will other people earn share profits from your next purchase as well. This means that the money you' re paid will be split into two fractions, from which eighty percent will be paid as shopping voucher that you can eventually used to re-purchase product from the e-store and thereafter,  twenty percent will be paid as commission, which you can withdraw whenever you so wish. This is quite an ingenious and mutually beneficial arrangement.


What is the Stakexchain daily plan?


On daily basis, there are different avenues through which you can earn at the Stakexchain platform which are:

(1). Stake share commission.

(2). Stake share matching commission.

(3). Direct referral commission.

(4). Binary commission.

(5). Commission from binary matching.

(6). Incentives from rank.

(7).  Commission accruing through new plan or upgrading.

(8). Earning commission from levels 1 and 2 mentorship.

(9). Stockist commission.

(10). Bonus earned through promotion or testimonials.

We would now endeavor to explain each of these earning methods in a self explanatory manner.

(1). Through the stake share commission-you can earn daily for upwards of thirty days from the stake share profit platform, and to sustain this gain, you simply have to re-purchase products using your shopping wallet.

(2). Stake share matching commission- under this platform, you earn commissions as percentages from whatever your down lines earn on daily basis on their daily stake share commissions. The following are the break downs of the commissions you earn on percentages depending on the  levels attained:

Level 1 -----15 %.

Level 2------8%.

Level. 3-----4%.

Level 4------2%.

Level 5-----2%.

Level 6-----2&.

(3).Commission from direct referral-on this platform, you can earn up to ten percent one off referral commission on any registration or upgrade volume accrued through your direction down lines. Furthermore, if you refer someone who eventually becomes a stockiest, you are qualified to earn ten percent on any stockiest earned every one month. An interesting fact about this plan is that there is no limit to what you can earn from your direct referral commissions regardless of your entrance or present package.

Some examples are given below to further elucidate the procedure.

Let us assume that  a certain Mr Earn registers on the gold basic plan with  $120 US (120PV), this means that you will earn ten percent of that amount which translates to twelve dollars. In the event that he upgrades to bronze pro at 129 $(129PV), you stand to earn a percentage of whatever difference between both  the previous and new package volume worth $1,920-$129 which will yield$1,800. It simply implies that your new referral commission will be valued at ten percent of $1,8000 which gives $ 180.In this plan, you can refer as many people as you wish, and if they move  from one package to another in order to enable them learn and get more earnings, you will also make more money.

(4). Commission from binary team-this is where you earn ten percent binary commission continuously from all volumes obtained on your lesser leg.

(5). Binary matching commission- you will earn a percent of what your down lines earn on daily basis from binary team commission. See below the percentages that will accrue to you based on the level you are:

Level 1-----20 %.

Level 2----10 %.

Level 3----10 %.

Level 4----5 %.

Level 5----5 %.


(6). Incentive based on rank.

Let us assume that Jude accumulate 10 009 gv on your binary lesser leg and also gets $ 100 cash award, $ 200 free shopping voucher and also a luxury wrist watch valued at $ 100 too.

Peter, on one hand accumulate 40, 000gv on your binary lesser leg and equally gets $ 300 cash award, $ 400 shopping voucher and one chair massager valued at $ 500.

Then Sean accumulate 100, 000gf on your binary lesser leg and also earn & 5000 car award and $ 1, 000 continental trip award or 2, 000 shopping voucher.

Rin accumulate 450, 000 gv on your binary lesser leg and also gets & 15, 000 car award and an all expense paid world tour award valued at $ 2, 500 shopping voucher.

Easy accumulate 600, 000 gv on your binary lesser leg and gets $ 30, 000 car award or  50, 000 housing plan award paid in  5 months.

 Becky accumulate 1, 200, 000 gv on your binary lesser leg and also earn $ 200, 000 housing plan award paid over ten months.

Be aware that, once you get up to $ 5, 000 gv on your lesser leg, you will automatically be considered as a Stakexchain leader and will hence be accorded several free award products, you can contact your stockiest center on this issue.

Rank commission volume for all mentors also accumulate for rank.

(7). Commission from new plan or upgrading- at any time the company launches a new stake plan, 3 %  from all the profits through registration will be shared that same month by all the partners who are on the current plan either through new registrations or upgrading, uiand this money is always paid the monthly. You may contact your mentor or stockiest for more information on this through:

(8). Levels 1 and 2 mentorship commission- you stand to earn 3% from all wallet purchases effected as a second generation mentor and 20% matching commission as a 1st generation mentor partner on all the commissions gotten from your 2 nd generation mentor, 50% from all these commissions are generated as ranking volume which you can see the agreement document for further information.

(9). Promotional bonus- you can always make and equally promote a few minutes testimonial video and get paid a fraction of your stake package dependent on the number of views, but the commissions are paid only once monthly.

10---1000 views which is 1%.

1001 --- 5 000 views which is 2%.

5 001 and upwards is 4%.




There are several packages such as : (1). Mining package _45 dollars, registration_15 dollars and stake voucher_30 dollars. You earn up to 27 dollars 60 cents and 6.9 dollars commission in 30 days.

(2). Bronze basic_90 dollars, registration 30 dollars and stake voucher 60 dollars. You earn 59.04 dollars and 14.76 dollars as share commissions once every thirty days.

(3). Silver basic-280 dollars, registration 60 dollars and stake voucher 120 dollars. You can earn 119.52 dollars of shopping voucher and a further 29.88 share commissions every month. There are other plans, but certainly, at this stage, you are all too aware of how money can easily be made on the stakexchain platform by just making a purchase.



Without doubt, man has moved away from medieval things as is exemplified  by such ingenious ways of making money through simply buying what you need. The Stakexchain is one such modern innovations that addresses a fundamental human head ache-- money making.


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