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Finazio Review : Is legit or scam



Finazio is an online trading platform Sayed to be founded on 2013 by group of unknown traders, investment managers and software engineers. How ever,  Finazio was registered in 2020 source from ICANN on 9/21/2021.

 The ICANN is responsible for assigned domain names and numbers in charge of who is database. A database that tells when a domain is registered.


Finazio have 4 account type which are:

1. The classic account : this type is for  bases user who just want to trade to test the platform. Start plan is $250 which is the minimum you can deposit, which Contain daily Brief, research, desktop and mobile trading and for video tutorial.

2. The Gold account : this type is for members who want to step Things up the minimum deposite. $3000 is the minimum delo for Gold account. Daily brief and research are given, desktop and mobile trading option are available. Webinars and seminars are given.

3. The Platinum account : this type of account provide the same things as the Gold with added features like sms, news and signals with $15000 minimum deposit.

4. The VIP account:  this type membership provide same thing as the platform type with added features like general account manager, premium daily analysis, and Customers care.

 Finazio have 52% out of 100 on truth ranking out of 100%. In scam 

Detector have lot of negative feedback and comments, although Finazio have few positive feedback but end up negative as a result of not been able to redraw their fund.

Finazio has been in the trading platform for a year now. One if their threatening message is you can lose all your money that you invested as trading crypto and forex involve risk.

 Another thing is finazio platform does not have the intention of making you rich, even if they give you high ranking figures. You should avoid Sammy website to avoid been scammed.

 One thing that make finazio very  legit for newbie is their attitude of contacting traders who have registered in their platform. they send them update  on their trading figures and telling then to invest more for a chance to win double which they invested eventually end up been scammed.


They claimed to be registered online trading platform in Marshall island. This island have reported cases of false registration there and also the government of this island does not provide permit for trading and investing platform of any kind.


Finazio have a good attractive web design aspect, but lack setten features for a trading platform, their design are based on two thing to get you to sign up and invest. Finding their home page to access frequently asked questions is hard, about us section is hard to find. 


 1. Finazio was founded on 2013 ( source from their website).

 2. Finazio domain registration date (2020)

 3. Finazio have 4 account type (Classic , Gold, Platinum, and VIP)

 4. Finazio had 30% trust ranking on Trust pilots. Which is bad for a Trading platform.

 5. Finazio had 53% trust ranking on scam detector.


 Finazio accepts payment methods such as : Debit/Credit card, Skrill, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Fast wire transfer e.t.c


 The minimum of deposition of amount of  money is  for Finazio is $250, €250 and £250.


It takes Finazio 1 to 2 Business day to for it to confirm payment depending on the deposit method.


 When it comes to withdrawal of  funds Finazio is very strict to this. It takes 3 to 6 Business day for you to receive your funds. Which no successful redraw have been confirmed. 


 The online platform is not licensed by any authority body.

 You can't redraw bonus on Finazio except when a specific amount is reached which is quite impossible due to their tricky spam method.

 No successful withdrawal of funds have been recorded.

 They don't give refunds, one tricky methods of Finazio is always tricking members to deposite more so as to win More. Where as they want you to spend more money and keep you in their possession.

 Finazio charge $100 fee for  any inactive account that was not used for 45 days.


Finazio does not have good contact details their Communication with traders is not friendly. They only contact traders when they want the trader to deposit more.

 The problem with Finazio is they exist without any traces.


Even if Finazio have lots of negative feedback and spammy intentions. That still have lots of traffic from visitors on their website. They rank 982523 in  ranking of website. The trading platform is not even a year old registered in 2020 and have claimed to be registered in 2013. Their domain is more likely to expire in 2021.


Despite the fact they claim to be leading trading platform they have no evidence to show it.

Finazio feed back are always negative as recorded as spam.


 One tricky thing about Finazio is giving. Illusion that you are making profit, the fact is that they manipulate figures just to keep you engaged and to spend your hard earn money.


Sending adding them money to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency are untraceable. If you pay them with this method the money is more likely to be gone and can't be traced.

The only way to get your money back is  if you pay through a debit card which would be difficult not to trace. You can request a refund for only a shot period of time.

Finazio review ranking is rated 2 out of 5 which is rated poor and not good for Business involving money and Trading.


 Before you venture in to any trading platform do your research to avoid scam or story that touches the heart. Ensure they have good record of trading to avoid been scammed . You can always check here for more review thanks.


  1. It's a SCAM! Do not give them any money!!! You'll never get back. I tried for more than one month to withdraw my money. I'm just a ball between account manager and support team. I told them that there aren't any special conditions regarding withdrawing acc to the Terms and Conditions but they told me there is something. I asked about and no answer. They stop to respond at my withdraw call. I will give the case to a specialized agency to see what can I do now but there are from MARSHALL ISLANDS! I was put in contact with this site because I want to invest in in e-Yuan and the platform of Yuan Pay Group (the only one which trade this crypto) redirect my to this platform as a trusted @ registred one. I wrote to them but no answer too. I think YUAN PAY GROUP platform is a SCAM too! Conclusion: RUN, RUN, RUN!!!

  2. Its a scamm,thank god i took my money back!


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