The founder and CEO of Vandera is Chang Tseng . He studied economics in University of Mcgill . He has more than 20 years in working with different companies.


  Chang Tseng net worth is 5 million USD as at 2020. Him being the founder and CEO of Vandera have a payment of 250,000 USD per annum.


 Chang Tseng was born in St Hubei province in China. At late 1980s, he moved with his family to British Columbia Vancouver and was a well-known professor in China before they left out of the country.

Chang Tseng has lot of experience working with other companies before establishing this own. With industries like  like MC Donald's, bloomberg, and some. He studied at the University and major in economics and finance.

He started working with Tokyo exchange, after college, developing programs for marching orders on trades. He work at bloomberg developing trading software.

Chang Tseng left ok coin one of the company he worked with, in 2017 to start block chain company based on trading stock. The firm was called  Vandera which is one of the top trading stock companies. In less than five months he has built Vandera  To the world blockchain broker.

Chang Tseng founded Vandera one of the world trading platform. Vandera has grown from an idea by cheng Tseng to one of the biggest market in just a fraction of time.

Chang Tseng is know to have been a hard working man working with various company where he gained the experience to start up his own company.

Chang Tseng has developed block chain for other companies he worked for before starting his own. He has had top official position on Finance on companies he worked for before.

Vandera has still been able to keep a strong growned and has earn lot of traders.

The founder of Vandera has an estimated networth of $5 million, during Chang Tseng teenage years, Chang supported his family by working for a number of industry to support his family. He was a previous employee of mc Donald.

After finishing college he started working for Toko exchange stock, where he developed software for matching orders in trade. In  2017 where he started Vandera.

Vandera have been growing lot of  popularity, been one of the favorite for traders among others. Because of their profit making. Although Vandera have been receiving lot of negative feedback. Which is common among trading site. Vandera still have positive reviews to hold traders Trust.

Vandera have been on the internet for 3 years now  and have become more popular. Vandera was registered on 2019-08-05 source from Who is database.

Chang Tseng have become popular over the years and have been featured by famous magazine and internet Website. Some which includes Forbes, Time bulletin and Entrepreneur paper.  Chang Tseng have been managing the role of CEO of Vandera since it started it operation.

Chang being able to found one of the World fast growing trading platform that provide  institution traders with what ever that needed. Would be something traders are happy about.

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