For the purpose of introduction, it would not be out of place to state that fxbit trade is an online trading platform whose owner and location address is, for all intents and purposes, largely unknown. Their contact phone number is also said to be not available, though there is an email through which you can reach their administrators; support@fxbit -trade.com. In addition, this broker is also not regulated and offshore. Broker Dispute is a company that helps victims of scam brokers to legally fight and get back their lost money from scam brokers. You should promptly withdraw your money the moment you realize that you are indeed dealing or trading with scammers.


In order to avoid being scammed by any con artist's schemes, it is seriously suggested that you should consider what other people are saying about any company you wish to invest in. Indepth research on the social media, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and others has revealed that many users are unhappy about the experience they got from fxbit trade, which made reviews on the platform varied and mixed. All in all, fxbit trade is not as reliable as a broker ought to be, and for that reason, you should take into consideration a lot of factors before making any investment in it. If you do not wish to be the unfortunate victim of Shylock brokers, it will do well to conduct your own research first.


The answer to this question must be satisfactory before you should use any broker. Also, find out whether the broker is regulated or not, as well as whether the company is offshore or not. It is worthy of note that most brokers are not regulated or maybe regulated by an offshore regulatory body, which will hardly help in the event of any complaints. Do not forget also that should a broker steal your money, you may not be able to complain about it unless the broker is duly licensed by a reliable regulatory authority, such as: The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission(CySEC), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission(ASIC), and so on. An unregulated broker is clearly not authorized to operate in any regulated nation anywhere. On this ground, you are not advised to put your money in it whatsoever. Simply put, avoid any unregistered or offshore trading companies.


The commonest strategy adopted by fraudsters is to display samples of winning trades to gullible customers on their accounts, to give you the false impression that you can quickly and effortlessly make money in it. Doing this may gain the trust and confidence of the prospective customers for the broker. Next, they may ask you to invest more money or get friends and family members to equally invest too, which will eventually earn them more money from you. The moment they realize you cannot invest anymore into their scam, they will simply suspend your account and you may never hear from them again, ever. Most scam firms fraudulently claim to be based in regulated jurisdictions by way of giving out bogus addresses and/or requisite licenses, just so that they may look genuine in the sight of prospective clients. Try not to fall into their traps. These companies can be as witty as they come, so do be careful.


Have you been a victim of fxbit online trading company, did you lose money through them? Well, do not worry so much. Everyone is bound to make a mistake every now and then. Luckily, there are means through which you can be assisted to recover your hard earned money.
Mycharger's team of experienced experts is always available to assist you in recovering your lost money. They will be able to build a chargeback case to enable them fight the broker in court towards recovering your money quickly, after you fill in a form for that purpose.


Chargeback is simply the retroactive cancelation and refund of the charge made with your credit card, wire transfer or whatever payment method was used. Most people do not really know that there is a higher chance of getting your money back through chargeback, as long as it is built quickly and correctly from the very beginning to the end. Chargeback services like MychargeBack may really be the only means through which you can build an accurate and precise chargeback case in getting your money back.


It is not only through non registration that you can spot out a trade scam. The following procedures can also help in this venture: verification through reliable websites, such as Google, availability of a verifiable physical address, identification of the person(s) behind the company, customer reviews, and lots more.


Google they say , and rightly at that, knows it all. As long as any trading platform is genuine and duly registered, Google is bound to know about it, and if it does not, this is definitely a red flag and the need to be very careful as well. In addition, you can also conduct a quick but very effective research on Google that will avail to you reviews and comments from other customers who might have been previously scammed by the company. This is usually a most effective procedure since people tend to complain online about where, when and how they were scammed, and also by who. Should you get any negative reviews, by even a few people about any trading company, it is simply time to abandon ship without delay.


Any legitimate or regulated business or company must maintain a verifiable address from where they operate or where they have their headquarters. In this regard, Google can also be of immense help. The moment you are not able to reliably establish where the company has its offices or from where it operates, it is a red flag and a call to possibly abort any further involvement without delay, lest you get scammed of your hard earned resources. 


Any business, company or trading platform must have someone behind it, and if all your effort to identify such person or people fail, it is also a red flag, so watch it. It is only when you know those behind a company that you can build a case against them, in the event of any disagreement, since they are a legal entity. Where you are not able to find such poeole despite several attempts, it is good you call it quits forthwith, in order to avoid getting scammed un-necessarily.
There is also the need for you to find out, however you can, about the history of the company among other traders in your neighborhood. All good and regularized trading companies are bound to be known or heard of by some brokers that you are likely to know too. If the company is unknown or never heard of by even traders who have been long in the business, it is a wake up call as well. More seasoned traders are also likely to know about the track records of most, if not all, trading companies or platforms. So, find out as much as you can about any company before investing with them.


Scamming has become a global scourge through which many people and fraudulent companies have made billions of dollars annually. These fraudsters are astute enough to attack you from where you are likely to be most vulnerable; the promise to make humongous money on investment without the need to do much, or any, work at all. First and foremost, it is good for you to know right here and now that, there is never such a thing as investing to make money without the need for hardwork. Whoever promises you money without the need to put in any work after investing your money, is most likely taking you to the slaughter house, and our most candid advice for you is to run away as fast as you can.
Luckily, this article has dedicated both time and serious effort in bringing to your notice the most common strategies these scammers use in luring you away from your savings. To protect yourself before you commit your resources, find out about them as much as you can from the social media, Google, and other traders you may know. To make it better, the article has also discussed ways you can get your money back, if you are unfortunate to have gotten scammed already. This is through the chargeback process offered by companies like MychargeBack, an organization that has experts who are very knowledgeable in these matters.
All in all, fxbit trading has many of the features and characteristics of a scam, and one is certainly justified in identifying the company as one. You are thus advised to go about dealing with them with the utmost care, if you must. A stitch in time saves nine, or so the legend goes. See you, and thanks for the time spent with us.


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