From the outset, everything about Transpocoin reeks of lies, deception and more lies. The Transcopoin platform describes the firm as 'a forex made easy platform,' which copies trades from experts in order to earn for its customers risk free commissions. In addition, the company claims that it has been recommended by several billionaire business men like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and a few others more. They also claimed that apart from trading in cryptocurrency, the company deals in gold, oil, real estate and US stocks too. Though many people have reasons to doubt these bogus claims. On the surface, getting started with Transcopoin seems easy, for the simple fact that, all you've got to do is sign up, make a deposit, choose a plan, and allow the company to trade on your behalf, or at least so they claim. If you are depositing any sum of money from 3000 dollars, they promise you a bonus of about 20 percent on your investment. We shall analyze whether the company is legit or indeed a scam, as most people believe, in a step by step procedure.



This plan promises a whooping 180 percent ROI ( return of investment) on any deposit from 30 dollars, which is the lowest amount you can use in joining the platform.


This plan on the other hand, promises all investors a whooping 180 percent ROI too, on any deposit from 300 dollars.


With this plan, the ROI is supposedly about 210 percent for a minimum deposit of 500 dollars or more. All these plans are designed to run for a full year course, and the least withdrawal an investor can make is 49 dollars after a withdrawal charge of 1 dollar plus 5 percent of your total profits. 

Transcopoin is suspected to be a scam for several reasons, some of the most notable of these reasons are: False registration and phony license claims. The company claims to be registered with the FCA in the UK with the registration number quoted as 600575, in the US with the number 271593, and also with the Financial Service Commission of the Republic of Mauritius with the license number C114912285. The company further claimed that it was registered under the name Emmy Jones Inc. However, all these claims and counter-claims are simply cooked and fabricated at best.

The company also revealed to have about 10982 members in its user statistics claims,  but a closer look at their earning number shows that it is the same as the payout number, which gives away the game by proving that the numbers are just cooked. Scamming platforms mostly use bogey addresses, and Transcopoin is no exception in this charade as well. On its website, it uses the address 253 Lincoln Street, Cherokee Alabama, but in the domain registration for the website, the company curiously use the address: 10, Corporate Drive Burlington, MA (Massachusetts). 

These contradictory addresses are really a red flag indeed, as well as a call for concern. To worsen their already bad image, Transcopoin has no known owner or founder. At least as has been the tradition, the company could have hired an actor to pose as its founder and CEO, in order to complete the lies or give them some semblance of truth. Surprisingly, no one was presented in that capacity as yet, and no more details were given too. To further compound the issues which makes the company much more untrustworthy, the Transcopoin domain name was registered on 11 August 2018 and is set to expire on 11 August, 2021. They may renew for  an extra year, but afterwards, the scam continues. The company may give out a watering 10 percent referral commission to those who sing their praises on the social media like Facebook. After all, that is one way to keep the scam going. They can pay for a few months in this guise, in order to gain popularity, but do not be hoodwinked by all these charade and deception.

The traffic situation on this platform is about 500 visits everyday, which is certainly good for the company and those behind it, since this implies that more and more people are getting interested in the platform. However, despite all these analysis, we do not mean to advise you to either join Transcopoin or not, but you should really think well and deep on the matter. This does not in any way means that all Crpto related investments are scams, no, but you just have to be careful which one among them are trustworthy and which ones are not.



If anybody makes you an offer that sounds too good and lucrative to be true, it probably is. There is a list of potentially destructive investment scams out there that may get you, if you are not very wary. From the suspect pyramid schemes and down to potentially shady annuity sales, endeavor to look out at places where you end up putting your money at all costs. Here are some of them:


Ponzi schemes have stolen more money from gullible persons than any other type of scam going by proven statistics. In these schemes, early investors are usually paid with the resources that accrued from later investors, who may think they have a great investment, which commonly prompts them to tell friends, family members and other associates. This creates a lot of new investors who may inevitably provide the assets scam operators need in order to meet the withdrawal requests of early investors. Ponzi schemes can perpetuate themselves in this way for a very long time, even decades, in some instances, as long as there are no excessive demands for distributions.


Permissory notes are a very popular scam sold out to senior investors who need high interest rates with low risk, to enable them fund their equally high standard of living during their retirement age. These notes look all but a perfect investment,  until the fraud is exposed and people learn that there were no investments after all.


Loans or private placements are equally potential scams because you really do not know for sure whether your money was actually lent to a creditworthy, collaterized burrower or not. You may at first receive monthly reports for sometime, stating that your assets are in fact producing great returns, but you ought to know at that stage that many of these reports are fabricated.


These are popular with criminals since trading currencies is a kind of an exotic endeavor, that have the potential to produce high returns and are also exceptionally complex, which seems to give these scams some semblance of truth and credibility with potential investors.


Investing in precious metals seems to be almost as lucrative and profitable as trading in exotic currencies. Much like other popular scams, the bullion you envisage to own may actually never exist in the first place. The operators of these scams know that it is unlikely for you to visit the company that is supposedly storing the bullion. Or, you may be sold an interest in a gold mine,  for instance, that does not really produce any gold at all. Majority of investors in these schemes surprisingly take the word of the seller that such mines are actually producing great results. How weird, I dare say.


Verticals, also known as life settlements, sound like a reasonable investment, but they are known to have a bad reputation trailing them really. This is basically because they take the advantage of vulnerable seniors who maybe terminally ill. In addition, they can also take advantage of investors who invest in fake life settlement programs. You may do well to watch out for the newest scam, Senior Settlements, which buys interests in death benefits of healthy persons. It is indeed difficult to predict when somebody is really going to die. Hence, raising longevity impacts returns, and your money may be tied up for several years.


The financial documents may actually look and feel genuine, but that should not make you to assume that all the securities have been properly registered with the requisite  regulatory authorities. It is indeed easy for the criminally minded to fabricate real documents or to create unregistered securities for fake companies.


These scams prey on persons who believe that the ultra wealthy have exclusive investment opportunities that are not readily available to the general public, and that such opportunities actually produce exceptional returns that may sound real because they are supposed to be used exclusively by the super rich only.


These may also be scams too, because, in most cases, the people presenting the seminars are actually the only ones making the money. A good number of these seminars promote the ethics of 'get rich quick syndrome. ' These in reality hardly work for the masses or general public. In order to become rich, you really need a good idea, great strategy, enough working capital and very disciplined execution of the strategy too. After all, if the idea they are selling to you is as great as they claim, they will not really be sharing it with you, will they? Your guess is as good as mine.


Whenever your financial advisors replace your current annuities with inferior products so that they can generate a new round of commissions from your assets, it is most probable that they are scams indeed. 


As an investment platform, the minimum investment plan is about 30 dollars. If you invest between 30 to 300 dollars, you will likely get about 180 percent ROI in every 30 working days, while 300 to 500 dollars of investment will earn you about 190 percent ROI in some 30 working days, and 500 to 1000 dollars will earn you almost 210 percent of ROI in one month. The most interesting thing is that you will receive the ROI about twelve times for every investment you make. Let us imagine that you invest 30 dollars and will receive 54 dollars once every 30 days working days twelve times, which implies that you will earn at least 600 dollars for a 30 dollars investment plan. The same goes for every investment plan you may choose.


Discussed below are some of the steps on how to invest in Transpocoin:

* You must first visit the Transpocoin website.

* Thereafter, you should fill up the signing in form in order to begin the entire procedure.

* Once you have signed up, you can then log in to your account and invest in the plan you have chosen according to its requirements.


In order to deposit into your Transpocoin account, you will have to:

* Log into your account first so that you will be able to deposit. Once you log in, click on the Add funds tab.

* After clicking this button below the E-code, you will then have to provide a valid E-code before clicking on the enter button in order to successfully add funds to your account.


For you to trade on the Transpocoin platform, you must first visit your dashboard and click on the Start Trading button. From the next page that will display, proceed to select the plan that you wish to invest for. As explained earlier, there are three plans among which you will be able to select one or more. They are: the Starter plan, the Pro plan, and the VIP plan. To do this, all that is required is for you to click on the proceed button below any of the plans that you want to invest for, and when you see the pop up message, just click on 'Yes I'm sure’. The next page after this will then promptly appear, then proceed to type in the amount that you wish to invest in the platform.


As has been revealed earlier in the article, your ROI will get to the stage of withdrawal only after the expiration of the 30 working day post investment, and you can then withdraw your funds straight into your bank account, Pay Pal account, or your bitcoin wallet. In order to withdraw from Transcopoin, it does not need much time to execute, and is also very easy too. This is how you should go about the withdrawal:

* First, go to your dashboard.

* Thereafter, click on the withdraw money button.

* Next, select the withdrawal method you want to use.

* Finally, type in the amount that you want to withdraw, and that will be that.

It is worthy of note that, if you wish to earn more with Transpocoin, then you may have to refer other people to register with your link. Doing this will earn you about 10 percent referral bonus for all those who register through your link. You can get your referral link from your dashboard. Simply scroll down a little, and you will see your referral link. You may copy it and share with friends and loved ones as well.


Before you venture into buying or investing in any online website, make sure that you take the following steps:

(1). Check to ensure that the site has a 'contact us' web page, otherwise don't.

(2). You are strongly advised to avoid online shops that use free email providers, such as hot mail or gmail.

(3). Make sure also that the website shows info about its company, such as names, addresses, country, and so on.

(4). Check to also see whether the website has an 'about us' or 'company' web page too.

(5). Also, make sure that the site has a valid VAT or Partita IVA number, for the European Union only though.

(6). Never allow yourself to be fooled by low prices; if it sounds too good and lucrative to be true, please pay attention at all cost, lest you go into what may give you cause for serious regrets.

(7). Also, check to see whether the site has a social profile, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

(8). Ensure that you first contact the website owner via his/her email address.

(9). Analyze the domain WHOIS data in order to find any info about the site owner.

(10). Then, look for possible English errors, or grammatical errors in any other language as well.

(11). Never pay via your credit card, alternatively, use either Pay Pal, or some other means instead, through which it is easier to get refunds, if you eventually need to do that.

(12). Make sure that their website is certified by McAfee SECURE.

(13). Refrain from entering sensitive information and other vital statistics on any non HTTPS pages. An HTTPS secure or encrypted connection is recommended for all online shops and e-commerce websites. Therefore, when you submit sensitive information, they are necessarily transmitted over HTTPS. Never enter your credit card details over non HTTPS websites.

(14). Check for the popularity of the website. An Alexa rank higher than zero and less than 500 000 is adjudged to have a good amount of traffic. The more Alexa rank is low, the more that the website is popular.

(15).  Check when the domain was first registered. A domain registered less than three months ago should be considered new and therefore potentially suspicious. Always pay attention when you are buying goods or investing in any domain that is judged as a 'young e-commerce website'.

(16). Find out if the domain has a commonly abused TLD. Do not invest or buy goods from any domain that ends with XYZ or CLUB or TOP. So, check in order to find out whether the domain extension ( TLD) is related to commonly abused TLDs. Most scam sites have domains that end with common and cheap TLDs. Any extra checks may help you to make the right choice.

(17). Check the domain through multiple third party security services. This will enable you to better identify scam phishing and malware websites as well. If the site is detected by at least  one search engine, it may be a threat and a red flag as well.

(18). Check up on the trustworthiness of the company too. Web trust is a web service used by many people to actually check whether the website is indeed safe to visit at all. Never trust any website that has a low trustworthiness on WOT. You may read on how to improve your WOT reputation.


However you may look at it and no matter how careful you maybe, online trading scams are a source of defrauding and scamming people daily. Luckily, if you hearken to the advice given in articles of this type, as well as being very meticulous in all your approaches, it is very likely that you will avoid this persistent online scourge of duping unsuspecting business men and women. From the very beginning, be on red alert through to the very end. If you have any reason to be suspicious, stop right there and carry out very thorough research on your fear, and while doing so, always listen to your intuition please. After all, even as individuals, we always refrain from dealig and trusting people whose complete details we do not have. The same goes with online trading too. Even after you have researched them thoroughly and still nothing seams amiss, you should pay or invest via safer methods like Pay Pal or bank accounts, but never through your credit cards, which can be prone to criminally minded persons. In fact, you can never be too careful in these matters. Let the wiser listen and hearken to what they hear, just in case, right?

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