Some online crypto traders have positive things to say about the platforms they have been using for trading, while others have only complaints and betrayal of trust to share. Whatever the case maybe, a lot depends on what you do and also how you do it really. It is agreed that there are many scam sites in whose hands you stand a good chance of being defrauded, but that does not still imply that they are all phony. To guard against such unfortunate incidents, we have spared no effort in highlighting the things you should watch out for that maybe suspicious before committing your money. For the purpose of this article, we shall restrict ourselves to why certain online trading platforms do not pay, while keeping Transpocoin in view.

Transpocoin is an investment platform that allows you to invest a certain amount of money, for which you stand to gain about 12 times the amount you have invested in the course of one month or 30 working days. In addition, the Transpocoin platform pays out a generous 10 percent referral commission whenever you get someone to invest through your link. However, it is known that most scam platforms may pay for a few months only just to get credibility, and afterwards, disappear with the remaining funds.


The issue of Transpocoin paying or not can be explained from several view points. First and foremost, why do most traders fail to make money when trading on the stock market? It is known that lack of adequate knowledge of stock trading is one of the commonest reasons why traders fail to make any money. In addition, many stock traders may implement strong money management rules, such as a stop-loss and position sizing to ensure that they minimize their investment risk, as well as maximize their profits. This is a strategy that may lead to failure eventually. Regardless of the fact that some people make a living by trading stocks, others lose money over the long term. Hence, education is critical to becoming successful in trading stocks. You are equally advised to develop a trading strategy and stick to it, if you wish for everything to go well as planned.


You have earlier been advised to develop a trading strategy and stick to it. For this reason, before we go into why Transpocoin may not be paying, we shall look at some of the best and most profitable trading strategies. They include:

(1). First, is the scalping strategy 'Bali'. This strategy is very popular among traders, at least you can find its description on most trading platforms or websites.

(2). Next is the candlestick strategy, otherwise known as 'Fight the tiger' 

(3). Finally, there is the 'Profit Parabolic' trading strategy which is based on a Moving Average.



There are many reasons you can attribute to why Transpocoin may not be paying, the most notable among which is lack of adequate knowledge of stock trading technicalities. First, before you venture into any online trading, you should have as much basic knowledge of how the system works as possible. Make sure that you know how and when to invest, as well as what sort of trader you wish to be. After all, stock traders come in types or categories; some are methodical and patient, others are rash and careless with no regards to the outcomes, among many others too. It is good to be both patient and methodical in whatever we do, more so in stock trading. When you are patient and operate only after knowing the possible outcomes, it is most likely you will not be disappointed in the long run. So, find out as much as you can about online trading before you venture into it, if you want to make any money.


Some traders are fond of adopting very strict trading strategies or methods that may not actually favor them in the long run. They do this in order to reduce or minimize the chances of too much risk or loses. Well, this maybe favorable at first, but when it is applied too much, it may inhibit your profit making. Make sure that you balance everything with absolute caution without being too overly protective of your investments. This does mean that we recommend you to be careless with your money, but to just give things the chance they need to progress well for your benefit.


It is an illusion and self deceitful to expect that trading stocks starts and ends with just your investment. No, it takes much more than that. You need to keep a close watch on the prevailing market trends at all times. Whatever you may observe, should be the basis for your response. Talk to friends and colleagues with regards to getting them join the platform through your link and so on. Nothing can be farther from the truth than claiming that you can make money by just doing nothing more than investing your money! No, you cannot. You have to work, and work almost always, before you can really depart from Egypt, so to say.


You can't be advised enough to be wary of scammers as long as you wish to venture into online stock trading. Before you commit any money, find out as much as possible, everything you can about the company, starting from their physical addresses, confirmation of their owners, as well as any reviews from other traders who might have done business with them in the past. There is also the need to reach out to the company via any phone number or email they may provide on their websites. Find out what Google has to say about them. If Google does not know the company, it is advised that you should refuse to know too.

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