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How to make money online for beginners


It is no longer in any doubt the extent to which people can go to make money regardless of who or what maybe at stake. As long as the objective is achieved, what happens to anybody or anything is beside the point. It therefore becomes highly imperative that we stay abreast of developments in ways and means through which we maybe deceived into losing our hard earned money. 

In majority of the cases, excessive greed and needless hurry to make money are the primary reasons we become cheap targets and victims of fraudsters. How on earth do you listen to any tale of how to make money at home without putting in any effort? 

Agreed, it is possible to make money from home nowadays, especially with the availability of the internet, but is never without effort. Never. If you doubt this, ask again from those who should know. In fact, people who work online, such as bloggers, marketers, entertainers, and many of their associates, are commonly known to deprive themselves of too much sleep by staying up at night working. 

Well, it has become necessary for us to look at ways and means through which scammers make easy money off you, so as  to enable potential  victims to take proactive countermeasures.

At the slightest opportunity to make money, people are liable to jump at such chances, and in most cases, without even thinking of possible negative or unfavorable outcomes. The repercussions, when they happen, are known to have driven victims insane or even to premature graves. 

First, whenever any attempt is made to sell you a money making plot, ask yourself certain pertinent questions: how feasible is this; before I make any money in this endeavor, what are my contributions; how sure am I that the idea is credible; in the event that it turns out sour, what do I stand to lose? If you reflect on your answers to these questions, chances are, you will be more careful of every step you take throughout, if you must participate at all.

Usually, scammers and fraudsters may incorporate the services of con men and helpers to carry out their nefarious activities. Surprisingly, some of the people you may know or relate closely with maybe used to get you, albeit with their knowledge or not. Yes, some of the accomplices used may not necessarily know what they are into, though the same cannot be said of all their helpers. This makes the issue of thinking over the whole prospect a very vital one. You never know, until you know.

They may start by selling you the idea of making money from the comfort of your home! In most cases, you may only be required to first, register for the opportunity in order to participate as a member. Gradually however, they will come with  the idea for you to assist in recruiting others, if you wish to facilitate and boost your chances of making any remarkable earnings. 

Quite innocently, this maybe when you will approach your friends, colleagues and relations to take part in this journey to the unknown. So, be careful, the instant anybody starts any talk of making money at home, particularly if it requires any registration or the invitation of others.

Sometimes, these fraudsters may at first attempt paying you for your contributions or participation in their scheme via checks. Part of the condition for this payment is that you should  wire a fraction of the money on the check as a sort of money back strategy. Once you hear this, please run away, and very fast too. It's indeed a scam.

It is also common for these scammers to use bogus car adverts in order to entice you. For example, car adverts are often used to lure you into a deal that is primarily initiated only to separate you from your savings. If indeed you need a car, what stops you from going to  reputable dealers? I'm sure your guess is as good as mine.

Investing in a business is without doubt a good initiative, but you should go about it in the way that is both safe and profitable. Before you invest in any business, ensure that you have found out as much as possible about the business. 

Ask very relevant questions, such as: who owns the business, how credible is the business, what can I do if things go sour, is there anybody to hold responsible if something goes wrong? Knowing the answers to these questions, is a panacea to investing responsibly.

 Furthermore, when it comes to making any investment, it is safe if you do so using certain means but not others. In order to protect yourself from fraudsters, you should preferably pay using your bank account and not using your credit card or other bank cards. It is easy for scammers to steal your credit card details and use same to defraud you.

If you invest, it doesn't stop there, in most instances, there is the need to continue working relentless before your investment yields any dividends. Contrary to this, fraudsters try selling you the idea of making huge profits only through investing your money without the need for any other input or work on your part. Nothing is farther from the truth than this, because after making any investment, you need to keep working round the clock.


Some of the most prominent cons to make money on are: The False Good Samaritan, The Job Scan, Resellers Trick, The Melon Drop, The Pig in a Poke, Advertising Fake Products, Street Mechanic, The Lost Girl, just to mention but a few of them.


Whenever there is money to be had, fraudsters are not far behind. It therefore becomes absolutely important to make sure that you do not get involved into anything that will lead to any hardluck stories. If you are careful enough, it is most unlikely that you will venture into any regrettable deals. If you must invest, be careful how you go about it.

 Do not divulge any card details that can be used to defraud you, if you are unlucky. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended to make any payment through mainly your bank or PayPal accounts. When any deal sounds too good, it probably is. Be wary of any scheme that is said to yield monumental profits in no time and without any hardwork. 

Finally, be wary and careful whenever it involves investing money regardless of whether who you are dealing with is a stranger or not. After all, you never know, do you?


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