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CT Passive review : Is CT Passive legit or a scam?


The designation of any firm or organization as a scam or otherwise should be done with due recourse to very tenable and cogent reasons that attest to the fact. To be able to do this properly, this article will walk you through all the parameters or indices of proper and sincere evaluation. The reviews we shall undertake will attest to whether genuinely this firm is a scam or not in fairness to everybody.

Before you go ahead and invest in any firm or business, it is strongly recommended that you conduct thorough research on them. This will enable you to establish reliably whether the business is a scam or not. First, Google should be your first port of call. If Google does not give the business a pass mark or a green light, there is every possibility that you are onto scammers. Two, check out customer reviews online about the company. Fortunately, people hardly keep quiet whenever they are defrauded. If all you get are a series of complaints and regrets about the company, you should be very wary too. Three, it would also do well if you check the websites of some of the most prominent and trusted financial regulatory authorities with regards to the genuineness of the business or lack of it.

 It is common for scamming websites to give bogus physical addresses that are either phony or non-existent at all. Along the same line, phone numbers and email addresses may also be given, but unfortunately, in most cases, these numbers and addresses hardly ever work, and where they do, messages are usually unidirectional; they can get to you, but you can't get to them. If there is no ulterior motive, why this restriction. In consolation, however, it is very easy to establish reliably whether any firm or business is indeed a scam or not, with just a few simple steps. To be forewarned, it is said, is to be forearmed, right?

To start with, from the outset, the organization gave no information whatsoever on who was behind the business, although later an Australian that goes with the name Jarrod Layton was given as its CEO. Curiously, however, the company promises a daily return on investment(ROI), and what is more, the company is not registered by any regulatory financial authority, in fact, not even ASIC, which is Australia's security division, although ASIC does not verify submitted data and again, it seldom regulate MLM( multi-level marketing) related financial fraud. Perform adequate checks before investing in or joining any company that promises passive returns. The following is a detailed discussion of facts to consider for a proper evaluation.


To establish the credibility of any company or business, its leadership should be the first criteria to be put into consideration. In other words, the leadership needs to be transparent about itself. This means that those behind the company must be known and their personalities revealed such that anybody who deals with the business should know who they are dealing with. Conversely, it is a red flag if you are not able to establish with any certainty those you are doing business with, and what is more, knowing who is behind a company is in itself not enough, unless you know the history and track record of all such persons.

Is there any consistency in the claims of leadership made public by the company, does the leadership have any previous record of financial wrongdoing, are those behind the company reliable and trustworthy persons, and so on. If the answers to these questions are not satisfactory, you should tread with caution.

 Product and services.

Another thing worthy of consideration is whether the business you want to evaluate has any physical product or services it renders to customers. Where you fail to establish exactly what the company deals in, it is indeed a red flag too. Otherwise, how do they plan to generate the revenue they promise to unsuspecting customers or clients. CT Passive has no known retailable products or services, although its affiliates can market only CT Passive affiliate membership, which is far from satisfactory. Furthermore, bundled with every investment are ad credits, which are often used to display advertising to other CT Passive affiliates.

The CT Passive compensation plan.

All CT Passive affiliates invest a minimum of about 5 dollars with a promise of an advertised 1.5 percent daily return on investment, which are usually paid out for 100 days, amounting to about 150 percent for every 5 dollars that are invested. However, you should consider that about 50 percent of all returns must be reinvested, which is yet another red flag too. All referral commissions on the funds invested are usually paid out through a uni-level compensation arrangement. 

This compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of the uni-level team, with every personally recruited affiliate put directly beneath them in level 1. Should any level 1 affiliate recruit other new affiliates, they are promptly placed on level 2 of the parent affiliate's multilevel team. As should be expected, if any level 2 affiliate recruits other new affiliates, they will be placed on level 3.

 The systems go on and on; the more affiliates you recruit, the higher you soar in the scheme of things. All referral commissions are paid as a percentage of the funds invested across the five levels available. To be more specific, for level 1, which are personally recruited affiliates, the commission is 8 percent, for level 2, it is 4 percent, and for levels 3 to 5, it is 1 percent. The company claims to give a whopping 100 percent passive earning for all its members, and external funds are presumably generated through what they call 'traders and partner programs', although as yet, no evidence or proof has been provided on this.

 Furthermore, none of all these have been made known to ASIC or any financial regulator for that matter. In reality, outside of Australia, CT Passive is perpetrating financial fraud, and as things stand, the only verifiable sources of funds generated by CT Passive are via new recruitment or investment. Therefore, it is indeed very safe to posit that using the new investment to pay existing affiliates simply makes CT Passive nothing short of a Ponzi scheme. What is more, adding advertising to any Ponzi scheme does not make it less than what it is; a Ponzi scheme.

Registration with financial regulatory authorities.

Any business that is not registered with the proper financial authorities is a risk to deal with and also a potential scam. After all, in the event of any complaints or fraud, who do you refer to or where do you go? CT passive is not registered by any known financial regulatory authority anywhere, although they present a kind of certificate of incorporation, which is not the same as registration with a security division.

Customer reviews.

From the reviews made public on the internet, most people who have had the misfortune of dealing with CT Passive have nothing to say but regrets and stories of woe; they have all been defrauded at one time or another. In some cases, people who care to comment might not have been scammed themselves, but they know others who have been. Customers' reviews have so far portrayed CT Passive for just what it is; one giant nasty scam, which must be avoided, lest you get your tales of woe to regale the internet community as well.

Is CT Passive a scam or not?

The article has taken both time and effort to fully dwell on the matter on all counts, and so far, CT Passive has not fared well. Everything about this company reeks of fraud and insincerity. For what it is worth, it is common knowledge that scam businesses are known to hire the services of paid actors to the front as their owners or CEOs.Therefore, giving out the name of somebody as the person behind a business is just not enough on its own. You have to establish the true identity of such persons, how trustworthy and credible are they, what is their track record in the financial or business cycle? 

On all these counts, CT Passive has scored very low, and consequently, you are strongly advised to keep away from this company, lest you get defrauded much like all others before you who have got their money stolen without a trace, and unfortunately who have also got nowhere to go or who they can refer to. After all, they are simply dealing with a ghost, if you don't mind the expression. Therefore, avoid CT Passive because it is nothing but one giant scam.


You can be easily defrauded if you rashly go into any business without proper investigation on who or what you are dealing with. As a result, you should take the time to find out whether any firm or business is genuine or otherwise. In some cases, the prospect or promise of making enormous gains, profits, or returns can easily lure unsuspecting people into being defrauded. Hence, you are advised not to allow excessive greed to becloud your vision and judgment.


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