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Hashfinders review : is Hashfinders Legit Or Scam


When Bitcoin first appeared back in 2008, there was a lot of debate about who came up with the concept, and this is still a mystery today. There are currently somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,000 cryptocurrencies operating as of this assessment. In the past few months, Bitcoin has really soared into the stratosphere, and many are seeking to grab a piece of the action.

The basics, such as the names of the founders and contact information, should be readily available on any website, however the Hashfinders website is deficient in these areas.

This alone should alert you to the fact that there is a problem with the opportunity. People that are familiar with cryptocurrency won't waste their time on phony chances like Hashfinders. Without further ado, let's dive into this Hashfinders review to learn more and determine whether this company would be of interest to you.

Everyone is constantly seeking ways by which they can generate side revenue, and in the light of this, it's obvious that the only way by which you can earn money, without stress is online. Many platforms are out there, which claims to be a platform, from which people can earn money. However, many have been scammed, because they know how curious people are, to make money. 

Among the numerous platforms out there to earn money from, hashfinders is one of the money-making platforms that has raised so many controversies among the multitude. 

What's Hashfinders? 

 The website claims that a group of individuals "skilled in blockchain, cryptography, trading, and mining algorithms" formed HashFinders in Korea. No mention is made of the company's CEO or founder. Additionally, we were unable to find any website-based incorporation data.

Additionally, they state that they have been in business since 2016, however a scan at WayBackMachine showed that their website name was parked until August 2019. The admins purchased the domain as a result, and they have been active since 2019. On or about September 5, 2019, the current website became live.My passive trade is one of the platforms out there that gives opportunities for people to earn money online.

There are several means by which you can generate revenue from the platform, and the major one is by referring people to use the platform. You can also earn by advertising for the website. In the light of this, you should get to know, users have to put in maximum commitment so they can all earn from the platform. 

Earning money on my harshfinder greatly depends on your major activity on the platform. If you do not put in any strength, you won't be able to earn a penny. In the light of this, you have to consistently refer people to join the platform, so you can earn high. Alternatively, you also earn money by investing money in the platform. 

As always, you should exercise caution before giving your hard-earned money to online anonymity if the firm is not being forthcoming about its organizational structure.

Now how does this work? 

When you invest a certain amount in the platform, you get a %1.5 daily return. This can seem pretty high for any platform to afford, and this is one of the very first red flags of trading on the platform. 

Passive Trade Investment Program 

With a passive trade investment program, you will have to deposit a fixed amount of money, and you will continually earn %1.25 annually. 

Company Review 

Hashfinders domain name was first registered in 2016, and it wasn't used for any purpose nor was it used to develop a website, till it expired. Later on, in 2019, the domain name was bought again, and it was used to start this investment platform. However, the platform claims to have started its investment platform in 2016. This is nothing but false, according to 

I'm the kind of person who loves to research a lot, especially if such a thing involves scamming. I will do all I can to make sure I find out the truth. Furthermore, another thing which we need to consider about this company is that the identity of those that founded the platform was not revealed. 

Once the founder of a platform or company that involves investment decides to hide their identity, it means the platform is a scam. I see no reason why I will start an investment platform, and I will decide to hide my identity from the public. In addition to all the above reviews about the company, they also claim to have been from Korea, while there is no evidence to attest to their claim, to have been from Korea as they said. 

Do Hashfinders Offer Any Products? 

No. The company doesn't offer any product. The company claims to be selling a particular product, which they claim they aren't going to make known to the public. However, this is one of the very first flags we've seen from the company so far. The company relies greatly on users to invest in the platform, to continue yielding and generating profit. 

This indicates once people stop investing in the platform, the company will stop generating profit. 

Let's start judging from this perspective, a company that doesn't have a genuine means of income, how will they last long? As a piece of financial advice, a company must be offering a service or product, if they want to last for a very long time. However, this isn't the case with hashfinders. 

They are completely different and don't offer any product. 

In light of this, we advise every member to be very cautious before investing in this platform, as they have shown signs beyond reasonable doubt that they are nothing but scammers. 

Also, bear in mind that a man doesn't invest more than he/she can afford to lose. 

Compensation Plan 

This is one of the very major things everyone that is planning to invest in this platform, looks forward to. 

The platform gives several channels for people to make money from the platform. Nevertheless, if we should take a look at one critical thing, we will know users make money majorly by referring people to join the platform. 

Once you register, with the registration amount, you will be given a particular amount as compensation, which is non-withdrawable yet. 

Nevertheless, you start making money, by the time you start referring people to join the platform. 

However, you should know not everyone has the social media influence to refer people to join the platform. 

Now, in this case, it shows such users will have to earn less. You must know how to convince people to join the platform, and invest there, if not, you won't be able to use the platform.

Furthermore, from the Money that you invest and that of people that refer to using the platform, you will continuously earn a percentage from whatever they invest monthly. 

This indicates that if you have a lot of downlines, that's a lot of money for you. To support this, the more people you can refer to, the more money you will be able to make.

However, an investment platform isn't expected to work this way, because users that are unable to refer people to use the platform, will earn drastically less. 

Getting Started Process

The process of investing in this platform goes through a manual.

Let me brief you on how it goes, in this process, so you can have an overview of what it takes to invest in this platform. 

* Hash 1 – $100 to join.

* Hash 2 – $300 to join.

* Hash 3 – $500 to join.

* Hash 4 – $1000 to join.

* Hash 5 – $2500 to join.

* Hash 6 – $5000 to join.

* Hash 7 – $10,000 to join.

* Hash 8 – $20,000 to join.

* Hash 9 – $40,000 to join.

* Hash 10 – $50,00 to join 

These are the level on the platforms accordingly and the amount it takes an individual to join.

With each level you want to join, you must have the fixed price attached to the level, for you to join. 

ROI Commissions 

This is where hashfinders promises to reward Yoh for investing in the platform. Once you subscribe to a particular package, for which you want to be investing upon, you will be given a %2.9 increase every day. 

And within 30 days, you would have received almost %70 increase on the amount that you have invested. 

Thus can be very high, for any investment platform to afford. However, there had been claims from those who have cashed out big from the platforms. 

Nevertheless, ad I do not have any personal relationship with those who have withdrawn from the platform, I can't guarantee a return of investment on your investment with hashfinders. 

Referral Commissions 

This is another avenue by which users also get to make money from the platform. 

If you want to make faster money, you need to be able to refer members to join the platforms. Once you refer someone to invest on the platform, you will be given a %7 commission of whatever they invest. 

This indicates, that the platform greatly relies on people to invest for them to continue yeilding the profit which will move the platform forward. 

Final Verdict 

Knowing fully well, that it takes $100 to join the platform, there are still other packages that cost as high as $50,000. 

Before you make your investment, bear in mind that, there is no guarantee on your return of investment, and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.


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