, legitimate or not?, legitimate or not?



As should be expected, before we conclude emphatically as to whether is legitimate or not, the article will strictly adopt all credible measures to finally make a very reliable and fully acceptable conclusion on what this company stands for. To enable us to do so, we will discuss areas that are viewed as Archille's heels or weak points of scam cyber businesses, those whose primary objective is fraud and theft. At the end of it all, the indices of evaluation we shall use will make it clearer than ever before on where we stand with this company and any involvement we may go into with it. Just read on.

Telltale signs of a scamming outfit.

Whenever money, lots of money is on show, malicious players should be expected to join the action who are out to take advantage of unwary and gullible players to perpetrate scams against them. The first thing visitors to the website of this company are bound to come across is a disclaimer notice which goes further to warn you in making sure that you invest only that which you can afford, or non-essential money! Although I do not understand what non-essential money is! After all, isn't all money essential? Like others before them, also promises ludicrous returns on investment(ROI) which is purposely designed to lure gullible, greedy, and unwary persons who are out for undeserved gains without any, or much effort. They promise to pay a mammoth 5 percent on all referral commissions. Furthermore, even from their website, the Alexa traffic rank of AceReturns is zero, which in itself is a red flag. The identity and address of the founder or CEO of the company are unknown, a fact which makes things a little incredible. Other information given might just as well be phony too. Customer care details, emails, and phone numbers are not also expected to work. This much fact can be gleaned from customer reviews of the company. People have tried reaching out and getting their grievances attended to, but all to no avail. The numbers do not work at all, and where they do, it is only the company that can reach you but not the other way round. This alone should encourage you to lose interest.

Age of the company.

In the business world, particularly in the cryptocurrency business cycle, it takes time for a new business to establish itself, become famous, and enjoy tremendous acceptance. This takes patience, hard work, sincerity, and openness in all their dealings. How does one treat a company that is relatively unknown and hence without any pedigree whatsoever? AceReturns is new on the scene, and therefore, anyone who deals with them should know that they are doing so on their own and at their peril too. Google, Alexa, and many other reliable go-to sites know very little or practically nothing about the company. So, there you are, if you have not broken in sweat so far, it's like nothing can make you sweat, but there it is all the same.

Unrealistic promises.

The major survival lifeline or recruitment strategy for all greedy and very gullible persons is the prospect of making incredible gains in a short time and without putting much effort other than your money! Whenever you are told to just invest and sit back to enjoy unending and poverty deterrent incomes, you should be extra careful. Without being told, all right-thinking persons ought to know that there is no such thing as making money without any effort at any time in human history on Earth. Genuine cyber businessmen and women know this all too well. You have to keep working and working and working non-stop. You have to keep asking questions, watching market trends, monitoring every change recorded, and so on. It is only if you persist in these efforts, and still with immense luck on your side, that you may eventually breakthrough, still only if you are indeed very lucky. How then does someone tell you that you stand the chance of making colossal money by just investing your money and doing nothing else? My dear, reeks every inch of the way a scam like any other. So, beware before it's too late.

Lack of definite trade on the platform.

Whenever you collect money from new investors or members and distribute same to older members who are on a queue along with other accrued profits, you are indeed running a lost race! How do you keep up with a situation where you withdraw more than what is deposited? Sooner, rather than later, the end is surely nigh, because you can't keep up the charade. To worsen matters, the only money being circulated among its members is that which is pooled by the depositors. As long as deposits are higher than withdrawals, all is good, but should withdrawals exceed deposits, which is unavoidable, then liquidation is imminent. The company sincerely provides no services or products to anybody known or unknown, how then do you expect it to generate any money for settlements? Avoid or you may have a lot to regret afterward. Be warned.

Registration and licensing of the company.

All sincere cryptocurrency businesses are both registered and regulated by the requisite financial regulatory authorities in various countries of the world. In standard practice, whenever there is any issue or complaint which might arise, you refer all such to the regulatory bodies for an amicable resolution. Conversely, what do you think can be done in cases where you deal with companies that are not registered, regulated, or known by any of these regulatory and licensing authorities? I guess you'll say 'nothing.' Yes, that's it, nothing. You have just lost your hard-earned money to a john doe. That's it. Almost all the known regulatory authorities have always made it their responsibility to warn prospective or potential victims of the need to stay away from unregistered companies who claim to be dealing in cryptocurrency and so on. Hearken to these warnings and stay safe, in the interest of everybody.

Claims and counterclaims.

It is common practice for cybercriminals to make bogus claims and unimaginable promises that could lure you by getting you to let down your guard. These claims range from telling you that the business poses no risk whatsoever, to the naked falsehood that it will just take a short while before you become financially liberated at last through making colossal gains or profits by just investing your money and nothing else. If financial liberation comes this easy, they wouldn't share the secret with you. So, do be warned, my dear, it's all a scamming strategy. Fake certificates of registration and incorporation are commonly being wielded by many of these scammers, hence, do not take them at face value. Consequently, you should find out from any mentioned financial regulator as to whether a certain company is regulated by them or not through their official website, but do not be so gullible as to believe whatever you are told without any inquiry, lest you will soon regale us with tales of woe too.

Is AceReturns legit or not?

The article has said it all. Dealing with this company is just akin to dealing with a will-o'-the-whisp. Everything you think you know about them, you don't. Most of the information and claims made public are lies and more lies. All addresses and emails given are expectedly cooked. People presented as founders and/or CEOs are mostly paid actors behind whom are records or histories of cyber crimes and jail terms. Most of these persons are still being chased by the law enforcement agencies of many countries. Should things go south between you and the company, which is bound to happen sooner than later, you will find that you have nobody to turn to for rescue because you have been dealing with people who have remained in the wind and are unknown. Now, after putting all these facts together, it is crystal clear that AceReturns is absolutely nothing but one giant scam too, which is basically out to part you with your money. Luckily, you reserve the right to either allow this to happen or to discourage it. The buck, they say, is on your table. So, have at it, but with great care.


Scammers are all over the cryptocurrency business world like never before. However, if we are careful enough, chances are pretty high that we will escape such leeches easily. From the minute you come up against any promise of gains that runs counter to known logic, be very wary of scams. From here, you can carry it further by researching any such business to know with certainty who you are dealing with. Google, Alexa, customer reviews, and so on, will all go a long way to either dispel any rumors or to give you more words of caution. As things stand, if you fall into any such traps, you should only have yourself to blame. What with all these heads up about cybercrime?

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