Is Bitalium legit or otherwise?

Is Bitalium legit or otherwise?



Bitalium is one of several crypto businesses that litter the internet as we speak. However, even though it is possible to make colossal money in trading cryptocurrency online, one should be very mindful of how they approach the whole enterprise, lest greed opens you up widely for scammers and their nefarious activities. All in all, a most recent public review suggested, with good reasons, that Bitalium is indeed one giant scam. Despite this summation, we shall endeavor to establish, using very expedient reasons, whether Bitalium is indeed a scam or not, in fairness to everyone. However, if you have mistakenly or ignorantly invested with this company, or indeed any other company for that matter, all hope is not yet lost; you can be assisted to recover your stolen money back. The Broker Complaint Registry can be of tremendous help in this case. Although even this is subject to a lot of luck and the modality of payment you used. This is because it is better to make payments through bank transfers but not using your MasterCard, a simple process through which hackers can have a field day wiping out your savings through data cloning. In truth, your best bet is to keep clear of anything system that looks shady and cooked, for your sake.

Early warning signs about Bitalium.

ReportScamOnline has now irresolutely confirmed that Bitalium is a huge scam, and hence, you are also advised, in your interest, not to trade or invest with them. Should you already have an account with them, you are equally advised to try the complete withdrawal of your money if you can do so now! All addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, given by the company have been irrefutably found to be false, and any attempt on your part to verify these facts any further through messages and calls will be futile efforts as well. They have configured everything such that they can communicate with you, but you can't reach them. That the company is not registered with any financial regulatory body simply implies that you do not have anybody to help you out in the event of any fraud. If these facts do not convince you to stay out of their way, nothing else could, and you are in love with scammers or scamming or both, which I doubt that you are, or are you?

Common signs that hint at a scam.

There are telltale parameters that will enable you to spot a scam from afar. Some of these signs are more obvious than others. One, you may be presented with problems whenever you make any attempt to sign in to your account. Secondly, the company may not be taking your calls anymore, in addition to possibly asking you to deposit more money into your account. Furthermore, you may be communicated with by the company, but you may be unable to ascertain where is the origin of such communication. To worsen matters, their communication may be replete with arbitrary spelling and grammatical errors. This is a common index since most scammers are not very educated, for if they are, the chances of becoming scammers are lessened to the barest minimum. Finally, whenever they are communicating with you, it is possible to detect a sense of needless urgency, failure to notice which may translate into a regretful loss for you and others. So, watch out every step of the way.

In some instances, you may get a curious call from someone who could pose as a government agent and request financial payment. At other times, these callers can even claim to be from the IRS or the tax authority asking for accrued taxes. The calls can also relate to the settlement of debts, taxes, and so on too. Most scam websites do not have 'HTTPS' in their hyperlinks and may not equally include a padlock icon in their address bar as well, which denotes a secure connection. Finally, their ludicrous offers may sound just damn too good to be true, which they probably are as well. 

The first thing to notice about Bitalium is that you do not have any reliable idea as to who runs or founded the company, or that you are just trading with a ghost, so to say. Although the company claims that one Samuel D. Walch is their CEO, who began cryptocurrency business with another group way back in 2015! Whether this claim is true or not, is anybody's guess, since all efforts to find any digital identification of the phony CEO are as yet futile anywhere on the internet. In any case, Bitalium is most likely pulling another fake CEO narrative, a claim that is all too familiar to some of us.

The company has no known retail product or any services they trade in. This simply implies that they can promote only their worthless membership to newbies. Bitalium affiliates invest money on the promise that the company will give out the guaranteed return on investment(ROI), which is a ruse, at best. This ROI is suspiciously fixed at about 1.4 percent on daily basis! How weird? 

It is just reminiscent of what obtains with all similar Ponzi schemes. If any level affiliate sponsors or recruits new affiliates, they will be put on level 2 for that reason. Should a level 2 affiliate recruit other new victims, they will be placed on level 3 for their effort! The system continues like that on and on. What else is the definition of a Ponzi scheme, other than collecting from newcomers to give queuing old affiliates without any identified source of income? Be warned!

What does it cost to join Bitalium?

To join Bitalium as a new affiliate will cost you an amount between 100 to 30, 000 dollars, and the only difference between all the investment packages is the income potential. Judging from only this initial investment cost for new affiliates, the unavoidable red flag should be up, or at least that is how you should look at it.

Final verdict on Bitalium.

Now is when we should decide vis-a-vis all the factors discussed as to whether the company is indeed a scam or not. To start with, we are now aware that the company has no identified owner, and the front quoted as their CEO is at best a suspicious character. If this does not make you wary, then, nothing else would. Secondly, this company does not have any known products or services they deal in. Hence, logically, the only source of income is affiliate membership fees. This means that only affiliates promote the program, which makes it a pyramid scheme like any other fraud. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and that fact should be convincing enough, right? Any claims of the company generating its external revenue via trading are nothing short of a scam and lies spun to gyp you of your hard-earned money. So, do beware.

Sam Walch, the purported CEO of the company made a curious video in which he claimed that the company is both transparent and sincere while at the same time trying to show proof that his claims are reliable, but nobody should be any the wiser! Simply giving us arbitrary graphs and churning out figures do not constitute any proof of legitimacy at all. To have any incontrovertible proof, you require a third-party audit to make it credible, which is still not forthcoming from anywhere. After all, anybody can just cook up bogey numbers and make fast claims, can't they? Their results and figures do not represent any proof since they are not backed by tangible.

Now, since Bitalium is giving out passive earnings, they ought to be registered with SEC, at least in the US, but curiously, they are not. The company is only likely to launch its Bitalium token, whose value may blossom. However, the moment the investors sell off these tokens, the value will most certainly crash unavoidably. It simply means that you will be landed with worthless tokens with which you can do nothing at all. Or what do you expect investing in a company that is unregistered and is only operating illegally? In summary, it will be advisable to have nothing to do with this company at all.


Bitalium is simply one of the myriads of crypto scam businesses that litter the internet world. Fortunately, it is easy to spot these scroungers from far off if you hearken to warnings and advice. Furthermore, check out online reviews and comments of their victims or their associates for tales of woe, loss, and regrets. You should not endeavor to invest anywhere when there is no obvious avenue through which genuine and legitimate income is generated. Or else, how do they generate the money with which to pay you and many others? Your guess is as good as anybody else's. So, watch out, just in case.

Finally, in all that you do, try to avoid excessive greed and the chance to make quick and huge money. Whenever any prospect sounds incredible, it is nothing but a warning gesture, and you will do well to listen to it, or else, you will just oil somebody else's lips.

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