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Is Paraiba legit or a scam?


Paraiba is a sort of bank according to the claims of its operators. It is the name of an investment program of the Unique Private Bank that claims to be a global financial organization that delivers solutions for both individuals and companies. Before you deal with any such business concerns, make sure that it is a free demo from a legit regulated company. Let us now look at Paraiba World as a unique private bank to see whether it is indeed a scam or not. 

First off, the company has two investment plans which offer up to about 0.5 percent daily or weekly return on any investment( ROI) with a minimum deposit of 25 dollars. The company claims that it generates these profits through its currency trading, cryptocurrency trading, and arbitrage banking. But, is Paraiba a licensed bank? We shall soon know about that.

The real facts about Paraiba and its operations.

The company uses a wise trick that it is indeed a real bank. This is basically because, on its website, it claims that it is a regulated banking concern registered as Unique Credit Bank in Mwali, one of the Comoro Islands. However, research on Google will reveal that the company's website is run by Mwali International Services Authority and it is a regulated and active banking concern, but this is very far from the truth. First, Mwali is an island with about 40, 000 people living on it. They have their financial regulator, and that makes Mwali International Services Authority a fake regulator set up by fraudulent persons to dupe unsuspecting people. The known financial regulator of the island is Banque Centrale Des Comores which lists only 4 licensed banks on the island and funny enough, Unique Credit Bank is not one of them. Now, the picture should start to take shape that Paraiba is indeed a scam. This inadvertently implies that Paraiba is using a fake banking license. After all, Mwali has its legit financial regulator, therefore, to dupe people, a fake one was created (which was easy), and which also occupies first in search engines whenever you enquire for the Mwali financial regulator.

A cursory look at its presentation shows that Paraiba is a typical pyramid scheme with no known source of income or clear-cut business operations. It only depends on the deposits made by new recruits which are circulated among people. Consequently, if you are lucky to make any money from the company, it is at the expense of others; your joy is a source of grief to others. Simple. Should you introduce a new investor, a certain percentage will be paid to you depending on the number of people who deposit below you. You can even earn up to about 1.5 percent daily, which is a commonly quoted number by investment fraudsters. Although in reality, nobody knows for sure whether Paraiba is paying at all or not. In this case, it might not even be a Ponzi scheme but a regular scam that will take your money and give nothing in return, if you allow it. Curiously, again, Paraiba and the Unique Private Bank are all fake concerns and hence, any deposits made with them are not protected in any way. You don't even know where your deposits are headed since the owners of the company are protected and shrouded in hidden identities.

Their website does not state categorically what their offer is and how they generate their income, which leaves the company with only one option; the deposits made by investors as its only source of income. In some of the cases, you might find paid actors and other con artists claiming that Paraiba is real and that you can transact and make withdrawals from the company, but nobody is any the wiser. As a result, if you are interested in financial trading, why not give the free demo a trial with its legit and regulated companies. However, even switching from a demo to a real account and the investment of real money has its risks too, but it is safer.

It is claimed too that the company has a communication platform that provides secure and encrypted communication among people. Furthermore, some con artists claim that Paraiba had in the past sponsored a soccer arena in Austria in partnership with Kaif, a German energy drink company, which was the official drink for the October Fest in Dubai. A further bogus claim is that this energy drink is also the official drink of the United Emirates Airline, which has been around since October 2019 with thousands of people involved. And that if Paraiba is a scam, present the proof for any nefarious activities. But, beware of this strategy. Whenever any business enterprise fails to give reliable information about itself or its owners, you should slow it down a little. How do you contact them and what is their stand with known and registered regulatory agencies? Are their addresses genuine, how does the Google search engine rate them? If their score on these counts is low, it is a red flag and so, you should stay away. What of  their email addresses and phone numbers? Are they valid and can you communicate through them? If you can't or that only the company can contact you through them, you are indeed going into a clear scam.

From history and past antecedents, the CEO of Unique Bank is one Jose De Castro Galavis who was said to have embezzled funds from a firm called Saugatuck Fund and left its investors swindled. If such a fraudulent guy is the CFO of Unique Bank, then, it is indeed a huge scam from which you should run as fast as you can, lest you regret it. It should not be any concern of yours how many sporting events has the company sponsored and with whom. After all, sometime in the past, Stanford Bank sponsored a lot of events in both the US and Latin America, but it still turned out to be a huge scam, didn't it? Therefore, sponsoring any sporting event does not make you legitimate, or does it? Ask Stanford Bank or its investors. No one is taking down a legit company for the hell of it here, but the facts should be allowed to speak for themselves, and right about now, they are screaming like hell that you should avoid Paraiba and all its associates as best you can.

Is Paraiba a scam or not?

Everything points to the fact that Paraiba is dubious. Otherwise, why are its owners shrouded in mystery, why do some of its associates have a dark past? The Unique Bank which is one of their associates is run by someone whose track record in the financial sector is dubious. Therefore, the company has got serious questions to answer; addresses and phone numbers are phony, owners of the company are in hiding or are being chased, no proven records of any legitimate business undertaken by the company, and so on. If these facts do not warn you off, then nothing can. Conducting research on the company online and placing your findings beside customer reviews will no doubt serve as a warning light to potential investors. How do others fare with the company in the past? What is the general opinion of people about the company? How regulated and registered is this business concern? Lots of other pertinent questions should be asked too before you can know for sure. If the answer to these questions is not encouraging, then, you had better stay away, or else you may have only yourself to blame.

Here is a company, or bank as they call it, which is regulated by an unknown entity, even though there is a known and legalized regulatory body for the island! If this counterfeit regulatory body created by scammers is not enough for you to get the hint, then nothing can convince you otherwise. All in all, Paraiba is indeed a huge scam and you should run away from it or else, you will only have hard luck stories to tell others. To worsen it all, should you get scammed by this outfit, you have nobody to turn to for redress. That is what happens when you deal with an unregistered or unregulated concern, and Paraiba is just one of those. So, beware.


It is easy to spot a scam from a mile off. First, its owners or CEOs may be in the wind or be shrouded in secrecy. In some instances, the people behind fraudulent businesses may have a history of crime and wrongdoing trailing them from the past. Addresses and phone numbers or emails may be nonexistent or phony. All these are signs that you are dealing with a potential scam. Where emails work, the address may be so configured that it is a one-way route through which they can contact you, but you can't contact them! If you must invest in any business, make payments preferably through bank transfers and not your credit cards. This is because any financial transaction through bank transfers can be verified and your money recovered, but payment using credit cards can widely open you to more scams through hacking and all that. In summary, be very careful what you get involved with, or else you may have a lot of worries coming your way.


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