Torque Bot(Torquebot Trading Company) review : is Torque Bot(Torquebot Trading Company) Legit or scam?

Torque Bot(Torquebot Trading Company) review : is Torque Bot(Torquebot Trading Company) Legit or scam?



Torque Bot was first incorporated somewhere in the British Virgin Islands, which later suspended the accounts of its investors and went into complete liquidation. The company is based in Singapore and its founder and CEO, Bernard Ong, is supposed to have offices in four other countries in Asia. Minimum deposits before you begin to invest with the company are 0.02 BTC, 1 ETH, 5 LTC, or even 250 USDT, which is equivalent to almost 250 USD. These deposits which are in mainstream cryptocurrencies and converted to the Torque Token(TORQ) and all profits accrued are paid in TORQ too, while the least withdrawal amount is equivalent to 2 USD. You can do all this via their app called the Torque Super Wallet to perform your business with Torque Bot. 

Initially, the company claimed to be a sort of breakthrough at its investors' fingertips, through which one can pay for all their travel and shopping expenses, make transfers from wallet to wallet, and also convert to any currency of their choosing and at any time and anywhere too. It is more or less a super wallet packed with every conceivable feature for your ultimate convenience. 

Although it is much easier to label any business a scam on the premise of a few complaints or suspicion, the issue should go much deeper than that. At least, before you can describe any company as a scam, you must have incontrovertible proof that will attest to the fact without any shred of doubt, especially knowing that your action may end up sparing many innocent people from the headache and snares of crafty, shylock internet or cyber thieves. Torque Bot has been designated as a scam by many. They base their summation on the simple fact that the company does not conduct any real cryptocurrency business that is profitable in the least. Hence, they surmised that Torque Bot is a Ponzi scheme that relies primarily on deposits as a means of paying old customers. Although nothing can be truer than this, we need to be more extensive than that if we want more credibility in our conclusion.

Most cryptocurrency trading platforms claim to trade on behalf of their members and also to presumably make money for them. The company uses artificial intelligence as well as manual trading to achieve daily ROI that ranges from about 0.15 to 0.45.

Leadership and registration details of the company.

First of all, Torque Bot cannot be said to be legit by any stretch of the imagination. One, it operates a completely anonymous business. This is because on its website was found no contact information of any kind. In addition, all claims related to having offices in Singapore and other countries are also most likely false too. For a start, any legitimate company will provide actual contact information and other requisite registration details or regulation. After all, since the company is providing investment services because it gives returns on investments(ROI), its operations should be subject to financial regulation. Furthermore, it requires a license from an accredited financial regulator that is valid in any country it has members. However, on the contrary, Torque Bot has not been registered anywhere in the whole world, and, as a result, it is seen as an illegal investment service provider.

The services of the company.

In truth, Torque Bot is nothing but a scam, although, in a short while, the article will make that abundantly clear. First, the company works by creating a Ponzi scheme that, more or less, does nothing but distribute all deposits made into its system to its members. Although they may cook up stories of how they make money in cryptocurrency and all that, in reality, the company does not conduct any real trading at all. Therefore, to rip off their victims twice or more, the company sells its worthless scam coin known as TORQ, while at the same time, they take the real crypto of the investors who are in turn left completely empty-handed when the structure eventually collapses. Torque Bot is nothing but a Ponzi scheme whose collapse is just inevitable. After all, Ponzi schemes are just not sustainable, or are they?

Bogus and unrealistic returns.

One giveaway for investment scams is the incredible promise of daily stable profits, although it is not realistically possible to have daily profits in financial trading, more so when it involves crypto trading. Or is it not only illogical to expect to make a profit every day? Despite all these complications, Torque Bot is promising a whopping 13.5 percent monthly returns for just trading! In addition to this, the company also promises 97 percent of the referrals' deposits across the entire seven levels. This implies that overall, their trading would just have to generate a lot more than about 13.5 percent monthly regularly, which is in itself impossible. Surprisingly, Torque Bot also claims that its services are risk-free, which is another falsehood of the century too, or don't we all know that financial trading is always replete with risks? It is known that Torque Bot operates on its primary Torque token(TORQ), which is a scam mechanism that ought to make the project have some semblance of credibility and legitimacy, but, unfortunately, it can only do the opposite. Conversely, the TORQ is simply worthless, hence, nobody is trading with it. As yet, only Yobit has ever listed it, and it was shown on the same Yobit that the company's liquidity, as well as daily volume, are essentially zero. This can only mean that TORQ has not any real or concrete value, which equally means that you cannot exchange it for genuine money. It is what it is; worthless. When you are paid in TORQ, you are not paid at all, not by a long shot. In summary, all these bogus and laughable claims are nothing short of red flags that mark a scam.

Other very subtle facts about Ponzi schemes.

Should you invest in TORQ, you are dependent on cybercriminals, who operate the Torque Bot, and who are also eager to exchange your TORQ for real cryptocurrency and also allow you to make a withdrawal. The company operates simply as a Ponzi scheme, which relies on people making deposits into the project. These deposits are gathered in a sort of pool, which is used to pay investors their profits. Essentially, one fact is very clear here; the overall deposits, have to necessarily be more than the total withdrawals, or else, it can't escape falling. Ponzi schemes always begin with massive deposits that far exceed withdrawals, but this just can't continue, eventually, therefore, a time will inevitably come when withdrawals will suddenly exceed the deposits, despite all manner of delay tactics adopted by the company. At this juncture, the collapse of the system becomes inevitable. It is thus becoming a question of when the system will eventually crash for good. It can collapse without notice such as right after you pay in your first deposit, and even if you have luckily benefitted from it, it will be at the expense of someone else; your happiness is someone else's loss and grief. The company does not perform any sort of trade at all, it only disburses what it has collected from some people and gives others along with all profits accrued, there is just no way under the sun that will prevent them from total collapse.

Customer reviews about TORQ.

The world is indeed a global village, and to make matters more amusing, victims of these nefarious activities, their friends, and colleagues have always made their grief public. They are known to be very vociferous in enlightening the public about what pitfalls to avoid and how to identify them at once. On this count, Torque Bot has scored very low indeed, with all who have dealt with them having nothing to regale but tales of woe, grief, and loss. This is indeed a counter punch that delivers a devastating blow at where the business lives.

Is Torque Bot a scam?

Without any shred of doubt, this company is one giant hoax and a certain avenue through which you can be easily parted with your hard-earned money through ludicrous offers and promises of income that are incredible and mind-blowing. The snag is that you are most susceptible to their antics if you turn out the greedy type. Someone who relishes the idea of making too much money or profit without actually doing anything at all other than just the investment. Well, if you are that gullible, be rest assured that, unless you execute a reversal, not only will you not make any profit at all, even the resources in your grasp will soon be confiscated too. You are warned, Torque Bot is one giant scam, and so, you'll do well to avoid it.


The article, despite the limitations of time and space, has tried in highlighting the facts that surround cyber scammers. You should be able to have a very good idea of scamming websites the instant you come across them. It is easy if you look closely, and one of them is Torque Bot, which you are strongly advised to avoid at all costs. You can never be careful enough, can you?

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