Miratel Review : Is Miratel.tech legit or scam

Miratel Review : Is Miratel.tech legit or scam


Miratel.tech review, As you read I will be going into great length about how the platform operates, how to sign up, withdrawal process, how to make money on the network, and whether or not Miratel.tech is a legitimate or fraudulent platform.

This is a recently created make money online service in Nigeria that rewards affiliates for bringing in new users to sign up on the platform. In addition, there are additional opportunities to earn money with Miratel, such as sharing sponsored posts and completing surveys.

According to their official website:

MIRATEL TECHNOLOGY is an online metaverse and innovation structured to solving problems faced by people using different features and increased commercialization. MIRATEL is a multipurpose platform set to helping her users and customers to acquiring valuable online skills. 

MIRATEL also focus on connecting entrepreneurs, brand and businesses owners, skillful people with those who need their service. We also allow our users to make money through networking of our products, users and customers products by affiliating.

 MIRATEL is an all round marketing platform, we also serve as the future of technology and the future of digital marketing by creating and investing UNIQUE features ever to be done on this space.


When was Miratel.tech Launched?

Knowing when an online platform first launched will help you determine whether it is a recent development or an established one with these you can develop more trust on the website.

According to various sources it is believed that the registration for the domain name miratel.tech expires on November 25, 2023, having been created on November 25, 2022, However, the platform was launched 3 days later on November 28, 2022.

How does miratel works?

Miratel technology is an online multipurpose system concerned with bringing connection between entrepreneurs and consumers. MIRATEL is the solution to the past, present and future challenges in commercialization and entrepreneurship.


An online metaverse and invention called MIRATEL TECHNOLOGY is designed to use various features and expanded commercialisation to address issues that people encounter. A versatile platform called MIRATEL is dedicated to assisting its users and clients in developing important internet skills.

 Additionally, MIRATEL focuses on establishing connections between business owners, skilled individuals, and those who use their services. By affiliating, They also enable our users to profit from the networking of our products, users' products, and customers' products. 

By developing and investing in the most UNIQUE features ever undertaken in this field, MIRATEL is an all-encompassing marketing platform that also serves as the future of technology and digital marketing. 

What Miratel.tech offers and their features

There are numerous features available with Miratel for its users. Members of Miratel have a wide range of opportunities to monetize the platform and also get maximum benefit from it, thanks to its incredible features. Here are a few of the popular features.

E-commerce: The site has an e-commerce function where their users, both registered and unregistered, can post their goods in stock and for sale in exchange for the money they make from their activities. Users will be able to promote their products and services to a big audience thanks to this awesome feature. Registered members can use their activity profits from the marketplace to directly post their products on the website under this function. From there, Miratel will showcase and assist in marketing these products to the appropriate customers who require them. Members and guests can both see the merchandise.

Courses: Students who are members get access to classes that will give them high-demand skills. Although learning these abilities would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, members of the site can access them by making small activity payments. One or more of these abilities is

  • Programming, coding
  • Web developing
  • UI/UX design
  • Video editing
  • Advanced Affiliate marketing
  • Social Media influencing
  • Email marketing
  • Data analysis
  • Shopify and E commerce
  • Language skill
  • Podcasting
  • Software and Application Development
  • 3D Animation and Modeling Skills
  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency, Introduction to forex, Blockchain class, Defi class, NFTs and Advanced technical analysis
  • Data Science & Cloud Computing
  • Contest for Beauty and Talent at Mira: Members can enter this competition with a little portion of their activity profits, and the winners can earn up to $200,000 per month.
  • Fortune Wheel: Members can take part in this competition using the money they earned from their activities, spin the wheel, and possibly win a lot of money.
  • Sports Predictions from Mirabet: With the use of this function, users can place bets utilizing the proceeds from their activities in the hopes of winning.

How to Make Money on Miratel.tech?

On the huge platform known as Miratel.tech, numerous tasks can be completed to generate daily passive money while relaxing in your living room. Learn how to make money on Miratel.tech here.

Once your registration and affiliate status have been successfully achieved and everything is completed, making money using this Miratel technology is really simple and easy to go.

However, you can get money as an affiliate member when you have successfully invited a new member to the platform or by doing something as basic as sharing sponsored posts and logging in every day, among other things. By using your referral link to invite family and friends to join the platform, you can also increase your income. For each person who successfully registers and recharges their account, the platform will pay you a commission.

Below is a breakdown of the things you can do the the platform to generate revenue. Find out how to generate earnings on Miratel.tech here.

  • Signup Bonus: After successfully registering on the site, you will receive an instant reward of N2,000 that will be posted to your dashboard right away.
  • Daily Login: You receive N250 for each day you access your Miratel account or each day you login to your account, this ensures users visit the platform daily.
  • Daily survey completion: As a registered member of Miratel.tech, you can earn money from Miratel.tech by completing a daily survey. You receive N250 for each survey you finish.
  • Sharing Sponsored Post (MiralPost): The Miral Post is published once per day. If you share the daily prosperity of Miralpost, you instantly receive a reward of N350.
  • Referral Program: Miratel offers prizes to affiliates who earn money from referrals through the third generation. In essence, you receive N2,600 when you send someone to join the platform using your unique referral link that was given to you by the platform, N200 commission will be given to you when your referral refers someone else Which maybe called downline referral, and N100 when your referral refers someone else.
  • Lucky wheel spinner: Users are permitted to take part in Miratel's spin and win program, which offers a lot of prizes as well as affiliate prizes that may be exchanged for affiliate commissions.

How to Register/Sign up on Miratel.tech

To register for miratel you must acquire a coupon code from one of the authorized coupon sellers on Miratel.tech's website in order to sign up and become a member.

Following the acquisition of your coupon code, you proceed to the website's registration page, enter the necessary data (Full name, email, username, password, phone number, coupon code, package, referral link), and then click HERE to Register.

Miratel.tech Withdrawal | Minimum Withdrawal

In order to withdraw funds from Miratel.tech, you must first meet the minimum withdrawal threshold set by the platform. 
This amount may vary depending on whether you are an Affiliate or Activities earner on the site. Affiliate earners have one threshold and Activities earners have a different threshold, both requiring a different withdrawal amount to be met before a withdrawal can be placed.
  • Affiliate Earners: To withdraw earnings as an Affiliate earner on Miratel.tech, you must first reach a withdrawal threshold of N5,000. Once this threshold is met, you may place a withdrawal request twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4:00pm and 5:00pm.
  • Activities Earners: For those earning through activities on the platform, the minimum withdrawal amount is set at N20,000. Once this amount is reached, you may submit a withdrawal request. Withdrawals for activity earners are processed on the 20th of each month.

Is Miratel Legit or Scam?

Miratel.tech is a legitimate platform that has been verified as such at the time of this article's publication. The platform has already paid out to many of its users since its launch. By joining at this early stage, you have the potential to earn passive income on a daily basis.

However, in recent years, there have been similar platforms that turned out to be scams. If you are considering joining Miratel.tech, it may be safer to do so now while the platform has fewer members.

Conclusion | Miratel.tech Review

If you are looking for a platform to earn passive income, I would currently recommend joining Miratel.tech and taking advantage of this opportunity while it is still available. But as time goes on it could become outdated and may stop paying

Thank you for reading this review of Miratel.tech. If you have any thoughts or insights to share about the platform, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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