Review :is Legit or Scam Review :is Legit or Scam


Welcome to our review of I'll tell you everything you need to know about, an online earning platform, in this review.

You must visit if you're seeking for a website to use to generate money online. I think you're unaware of the purpose of

An earning platform like allows registered users to earn money by viewing a set number of advertisements on their website each day.

Questions like " Review, How to Make Money on, How Does Works?" will be covered in this review. Is a scam or legitimate? how to get money by watching advertisements on, among other information.

Who are the owners of Review

On the website, registered users have the option to make money every day by seeing advertisements.

Fortune Pay is a mirror of every MLM firm, not merely an online representation of any business industry, according to the website. In order to automate and simplify the interactions between investors and trustees, it is our objective to offer investors a consistent source of income while maximizing any potential risk. We are eager for you to join our community.The website's aforementioned remark doesn't really describe how the platform functions. All that Fortunepay is is an earning platform that compensates its users for seeing advertisements.

Let's look at how functions now, and as we go along, you'll learn whether or not the website is worthwhile.

What Is the Process for

As I indicated earlier,'s revenue model is around the viewing of advertisements, which is exclusively available to members who have joined. Hence, before you can access this platform's earning site, you must register.

You will be given access to the platform once you register on, and you will be able to start earning on the site once you subscribe to one of their advertising packages. That is, signing up does not get you access to begin working.

On, there are 3 (three) packages available. These plans/packages have various subscription fees and require you to see advertisements in order to be paid. in other words, the bigger package you subscribe to, the more money you'll probably make every day from

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How Does Earn Money?

Viewing advertisements on is the main way to earn money, and you are compensated for doing so. The plan you subscribe to determines the compensation you receive for each advertisement and the quantity of advertisements you watch.

You receive N200 for each advertisement you view on You can determine for yourself, based on the plan you enrolled to, how much you are likely to earn.

The referral program on is another option to earn money. You'll receive a special referral link after signing up, which you can share with your family and friends in order to earn a commission if they decide to join.

Packages/Plans at

  • Members can subscribe to a variety of packages/plans on The plans consist of:
  • The Bronze Plan has a subscription fee of N1,250 and a referral fee of N600.
  • Daily advertisements to be viewed: 2
  • The Silver Plan has the following subscription costs: N3,000 Commission per referral: N1,500 Daily advertisements to be viewed: 4
  • The Gold Package has a subscription cost of N5,000 and a referral fee of N2,500.
  • Daily advertisements to be viewed: 6

Affiliate/Referral Program for

In addition to signing up for's advertising plan, you can also profit from it by referring others. This entails using your exclusive referral link to invite loved ones to sign up for the platform. (To use my referral link, click HERE.)

Depending on the advertisement package you choose, you will receive a commission if someone registers on the platform using your referral link. These are the commissions:

  • N600 Bronze Plan
  • Gold Package: N5,000 Silver Plan: N1,500

How can I sign up for a advertisement plan?

All you have to do to subscribe to any advertisement plan on is click on the advertisement plan you want to subscribe to, click on Subscribe, and then get in touch with a coupon code vendor to buy your code.

How can I sign up or register on

Everyone, regardless of intelligence level, can easily register on Then, click "Create an Account" to get started. To register on, visit here (, provide the necessary details, including your referral ID (use "Hustler23"), first and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, and passwords.

How to Log In or Register on

You must provide your username and password in order to login in to your account. After that, click "Login Account" to access your dashboard.on is free, you must sign up for one of their advertising programs in order to begin making money. Withdrawal Instructions | Lowest Withdrawal

You must meet the minimum withdrawal requirement on in order to be eligible for withdrawal. Earners who are affiliates and those who are not have different withdrawal thresholds.

For affiliate earners and non-affiliate earners on, the minimum withdrawal amount is N1,000 and N2,000, respectively. All plans are covered by this minimum withdrawal threshold.

Every Wednesday and Saturday, affiliate earners can request a withdrawal, while non-affiliate earners can request a withdrawal every Monday and Friday.

Who is's owner and CEO?

On this platform, this recording raises a red flag. They omit to reveal who their Owner/CEO is. Does It Pay?

As of the time this post was published, the platform had no record of any payment documentation. Is it Reputable?

The legitimacy of as a platform cannot currently be determined. Within a few days of the day this article was published, the platform had just been introduced.

Everyone reading this review should take my advice. If you want to sign up for any of's advertising programs. To be on the safe side, sign up for a plan that you can afford to lose. Is it a fraud? is not a scam website, according to reports, thus I cannot name it one. Please share your story in the comments area below if you believe you have been scammed.

Review of in conclusion

I appreciate you taking the time to read the entire review. Please share any comments, questions, or reviews you may have about with us in the box below.

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