Review (is Legit or Scam?) Review (is Legit or Scam?)


Welcome to our review of A recently released trading and investment platform called provides consumers daily money for their investments.

Is the platform a legitimate and reliable investing site, despite what it advertises? You might be wondering this, but don't worry; this review has you covered.

I will cover all you need to know about the "" investment platform, including how it functions, in my review. How can I make money on Finally, I'll address the subject of whether Maxharvest is legitimate or a fraud.After reading this evaluation, I firmly believe you will be in a position to decide whether or not to join Maxharvest and determine whether the platform is legitimate.

This review's goal is to warn my readers about the online fraudsters that are out there trying to defraud people of their hard-earned money.

What does stand for? Review

When users invest on the Maxharvest trading and investment platform, they are guaranteed profits of 12% to 15% within 10 to 14 days.

"MaxHarvest bot is a trading platform that returns his clients 12-15% ROI in 10-14days depending on your choice of investment plan," the website states. For our investors, there are various investment possibilities with various bonus deals after one investment cycle. We are here to guide you toward financial freedom through trading.

After seeing that, let's examine how functions and other information you should know about this website.

What Is the Process of

The focus of's activities is investing, however in order to start investing and receive the Return on Investment (ROI) that this platform promises, you must first sign up as a member.

Everyone can use this platform, and registration is quite simple. Although registration is free, you must invest in order to begin earning.

By registering, you immediately join Level 1, the regular member level. You are unable to earn anything at this level. You must invest in one of the investment plans offered on the website in order to begin earning.On, there are roughly 6 (six) investment plans. According to subscriber quantities and Returns on Investment, the Plans are ranked (ROI). In other words, the bigger return you are likely to receive at the conclusion of everything depends on the investment plan you choose.

There is a distinct return period for each investment strategy. A few plans provide a 14-day return period, others 12, 10, and so forth. The investing strategy you select will affect the return period.

Let's now review the investment programs offered by Investment Plans

On, there are 8 (six) investment plans. They consist of:

Starter Plan, first

On, the beginning plan is the smallest investment option. Following are the starting plan's specifics.

Amount Invested: N1,500

Returns each day: N180

Time Frame for Return: 14 Days

Profits may be taken out at any moment (According to the platform).Standard Plan, #2

The second investment plan on is the basic plan. 

This strategy is also known as the leveled-up strategy. These are the Standard plan's specifics.

Amount Invested: N3000

. During this time, you.......

Time Frame for Return: 14 Days

Profits may be taken out at any moment (According to the platform).

Third, Make a Plan

The Advanced Plan's specifics are provided below:

The amount invested is N5000.

Average Daily Returns: N650

Time Required for Return: 12 Days

Profits may be taken out at any moment (According to the platform).Fourth: Pro Plan

The middle plan offered by, the Pro Plan, is known as the Boss plan. 

The Advanced Plan's specifics are provided below:

$10,000 is the investment amount.

Daily Returns: N1,300

12 days are allotted for the return.

Profits may be taken out at any moment (According to the platform).

5. Pro 2 Strategy

The Pro Plan, often known as the Boss plan, is one of the plans offered by The Advanced Plan's specifics are provided below:

20,000 Naira as the investment amount

Daily Returns: N3,000

12 days are allotted for the return.

Profits may be taken out at any moment (According to the platform).

Sixth: Prime Plan

The Pro Plan, often known as the Boss plan, is one of the plans offered by 

The Prime Plan's details are shown below:

The amount invested is N50,000.

N7,500 in daily returns

10 days are allotted for the return.

Profits may be taken out at any moment (According to the platform).

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Where Can I Invest in

You only need to choose your desired investment plan on, after which you will be presented the plan's details. Choose "Direct Gateway" in the select wallet and choose "Bank Transfer (Manual)" for the payment method; you will be given an account number to pay with.

After making the payment, you must upload your payment receipt for verification. then select "Invest Now" to begin.

On, how to withdraw money and the minimum withdrawal amount

You must have at least N1,000—the minimum withdrawal amount—in your account in order to withdraw money from

You must enter your account information before clicking "Withdraw money" and choosing the amount you wish to withdraw.

Referral / Affiliate Program for

Via the referral program at, you can also make money. This entails requesting loved ones to use your referral link to sign up for the platform.

You receive a 25% commission for each referral that signs up for the platform using your referral link. You receive a larger commission as more people recommend you.

How to Join Up or Register on

The following details are necessary in order to register or join up on simply click "Create Account" to begin by entering your first and last names, email address, username, nationality, phone number, and password.

How to Login to Your Account

You must enter your email address or username and password in order to log in or sign up for a account. After that, click "Account Login" to access your account. Does it Pay?

There is currently no confirmation of payment because has only recently opened as of the time this article was published.

Who founded and owns

The fact that I was unable to locate any information about's owner or founder raises a serious worry for

What year did debut?

When this article was published, was a 13-day-old platform that had just gone live on December 23rd, 2022.

Can you trust is a recently launched website with little operations, so there is no evidence to support its credibility at this time.'s legitimacy will undoubtedly be determined over time.

To be safe, make sure to only invest money that you can afford to lose.

A scam, is

There is currently no evidence to imply that is a fraudulent website, as there haven't been many activity involving this platform as of the time this report was written.


We appreciate you reading our review of I think you've gathered some important data at this point,

Moreover, you can review in the comments area. Your response will help other people.

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