Review (Is Legit or a Scam?) Review (Is Legit or a Scam?)

In this review, I'll go into great detail about how the website operates, how to sign up, how to make money from the website, and whether or not is legitimate or a scam.

Before to joining, conducting thorough research on a platform will provide you the best understanding of it and a perfect indication of whether it is worthwhile for you to join.

As we move along with this Review, I'll be revealing more and more about this other income platform,

What does stand for? Review is an online income platform that allows its users to earn money for performing daily chores like daily login, sharing posts, and other social media duties.

Is a reliable website? In this Review, Renderforce will be 

How Does It Operate?

The members of have access to a versatile platform that is loaded with several activities for use in their daily lives.

You must first register as a member of in order to use the features. It's easy to register as a member. Simply go to their official website, get a code from one of the discount suppliers, and complete the signup process.

With, you can sign up as an Easy Forcer or a Pro Forcer. These two membership plans have various purchase requirements, as well as certain chores and commissions that must be completed.

The breakdown of the two (2) membership tiers offered by is provided below.

1.Simple Forcer

  • You must pay N800 as a one-time registration fee to become an Easy Forcer. See the complete description of this strategy.
  • You receive a N500 signup bonus once you register.
  • You are rewarded with N150 for signing into your account each day.
  • N250 is given for each daily sponsored post shared.
  • On, you get paid N50 for each work. Every day, you are assigned between 5 and 20 social tasks.
  • Each individual you refer who signs up for the site using your referral link earns you N500.

2. Pro Forcer

  • Paying a registration fee of 1,600 will allow you to become a Pro Forcer on and use the various features that come with it. They consist of:
  • You receive a N800 signup bonus once you register.
  • For logging into your account every day, you receive N200.
  • N350 is given for each daily sponsored post shared.
  • In, you get paid N80 for each work. Every day, you are assigned between 5 and 20 social tasks.
  • Each individual you suggest who signs up for the site using your referral link earns you N1000.

How Does Pay Out?

Users can earn money from in essentially two different ways: by completing activities on the website and by bringing friends and family to the platform.

Doing Tasks: The primary way to monetize Ren derforce.bizis through completing jobs. As stated by the platform, the duties, which include sharing Sponsored Posts, logging in daily, and completing other social media tasks, can earn you roughly N10,000.

Users can earn money from in essentially two different ways: by completing activities on the website and by bringing friends and family to the platform.

Affiliate/Referral Program: This platform's affiliate/referral program is undoubtedly the most lucrative way to make money. This entails persuading loved ones and friends to join the platform using your special referral link, and when they do, you get paid a commission per referral.

Depending on the plan, the affiliate commissions are different. Pro Forcers receive N1,000 for each recommendation, compared to N500 for Easy Forcers. This demonstrates how much you can make by encouraging loved ones to use the platform. All of it comes down to how hard you work.

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You must reach the platform's necessary withdrawal level in order to be eligible for withdrawal on

In, there are different minimum withdrawal amounts for Activities and Referral Earners.

For Pro Forcers and Easy Forcers, the minimal withdrawal is:

  • Activity Earners: N4,500.
  • Earners from referrals or affiliates: N1,000.

How to Create a Account

You must first go to the website (, get in touch with a seller to buy a coupon code, and then continue with the registration process.

Depending on the plan you want to join, there are different coupon code amounts. You must pay N800 for the Easy Forcers and N1,600 for the Pro Forcers.

Make sure you only pay reputable sellers listed on their website. A coupon seller can be reached HERE. After finished, move on to the registration pages and fill in the necessary data (username, password, contact information, and email address) to register as a member. Sign up or log in

You must enter your email address or username and password in order to log in to After that, click "Log in" to access your account.

Additional features include: 

1. RF Money Transfer: This function enables members to transfer funds among themselves on the platform. Members can exchange resources and borrow presents thanks to this.

2. GO Ads: The Pro Forcers will especially benefit from this feature. With the help of this tool, pro members can use Renderforce Ads to market their goods and services. Users can reach a wider audience by doing this and advertising their goods and services. Create your advertising in your dashboard to accomplish this.

3. RF Quizkend: members are entitled to take part in weekly competitions where they can win a Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ and other prizes. This test often takes place on Fridays.

4. RF Data Bundle Spree: According to the website, data giveaways are often conducted on their WhatsApp and Telegram pages every Sunday.

On their website, there are many other intriguing aspects.

Who is's owner?

We were unable to find any information on's CEO or owner.

When did get its start?

At the time this article was published, the platform was 17 days old and created on December 11th, 2022..

Because is a recently launched platform with little activity, we are unable to determine whether it is legitimate or not.

Platforms of this kind are likely to pay their members in the beginning before ceasing to do so once they have a large number of members.

It is advised to sign up for this kind of site as soon as it is introduced in order to receive one of the initial revenue streams. Is it a Fraud?

Due to a lack of supporting evidence, we are unable to label as a scam platform at this time. Whether is a hoax, only time will tell. Just cross our fingers for now.

Paying or not,

When this story was published, had no evidence of payment.

Conclusion | Review of

Platforms of this kind have been around recently. According to my limited experience, a platform of this kind will probably pay when it is first started, but after it has a large number of users, it will likely stop paying.

 If you join an earning platform like early enough to be among the first group of paying members, it will be very profitable for you.

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