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Average Salary of a Financial Advisor

  What Is a Financial Advisor? A financial advisor is a professional who is engaged in the business of informing and educating clients about wealth, investment and other sorts of money matters—and sometimes managing these financial affairs as well. It’s an umbrella term that includes stockbrokers, financial planners, investment advisors, tax preparers, bankers, insurance agents, and estate planners. According to the salary information website PayScale, in Jan. 2021 the average salary for a financial advisor in the United States is $59,708, with most salaries ranging from $38,000 to $109,000. In addition to salaries, financial advisors also receive compensation in the form of bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions. 1 The average annual bonus received by a financial advisor ranges from $2,000 to $31,000. The average annual profit-sharing compensation ranges from $995 to $18,000. The average annual commission compensation ranges from $4,000 to $182,000. The average total pay for financi

Digital Marketing: Reasons your business should invest in SEO in 2021

There are several search engines on the internet which make required data available to the users within an instant. A thousand of relevant websites or businesses might appear in those search results. Search engines tend to display the most relevant and good quality websites first. A business always aims to improve its website ranking in the search results in order to attract more customers. The process by which this is achieved is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. In short, SEO makes your website more accessible to the potential customers online. Let’s look at a few reasons why a business should invest in SEO: Search Engine Popularity Search Engines are now optimized for mobile users and to carry out voice-based searches. They are even local search optimized. This means search engines are widely used and will continue to attract more users in the near future. Securing a good rank and visibility in the search results is therefore extremely important for a business. Thi

How Start A Bog- Full tutorials (Blogger)

  To own a blog is quite easy ,if you set your mind to it.Blog is simply about imformation and discussion and most of the blogs function as jornal/newspapers. I will be teaching on the way to start your own blog successfully!. Let get started!!!!!! STEPS ON the way to CREATE A BLOG. There are alternative ways to line up a blog. The documents are WordPress and blogger from google. We will be using a blogger from google. Step 1 Open a Google account and login. Anyone opening a blog website must surely have a running mail account. Step 2 Sign on to , on the left side of the panel, click the down arrow.  Step 3  Click on New Blog Step 4 Input a reputation suitable for your blog, please believe the name you'd wish to give your blog Step 5  Chose an URL, as an example :,, If your having difficulties with this tips, be happy to contact me with the contact form. i will be glad to assist you out. Let proceed....... Step 6 Chose a

Blogging Start: Things To consider Before Starting A Blog

   Firstly,     WHAT IS A BLOG?                                                            A Blog is a website containing a writers knowledge, observation, experience, opinion or information written to satisfy the demand of the audience. Furthermore, It is also an online journal which you share your thought about a particular subject or topic with readers or audience.   However, A good blog/site should have a unique and useful information or data. THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE STARTING A BLOG    Before starting A Blog there certain thing you really really need to consider those are; 1 . PASSION :      Here, Before starting a Blog you need to know what you are passionate of doing, that is what you can really explore on. However, this question should come into your mind first. 2.  CHOOSING A RIGHT NICHE :       Here, After you have achieved what you are passionate of doing. The next on the line is to choose a right niche. However, the word 'NICHE' may sound so complicated. The word &


   Starting a business can be very hard, most especially when you don't have a lay down plans, in this article I will show you 20 business tips to consider before starting a business.     1. Have A Clear Plan :  The reason why most business fail is because they don't have a clear picture  or plan about their business. Before starting any business you should have this plan in mind:    What you are going to sell, how you are going to say it and who you will sell it to.    i. What you're going to sell: most business today drive into the selling business without knowing what they are going to sell. Fair enough they want to say just about anything they see. You should have a stated list about what you are going to sell, and what you are not going to sell. In that way you know what you want to sell, and what channel most of your energy in selling those things do you want to sell. Whether they are physical products or services. 2. DO YOUR MARKET RESEARCH : where most business fai